Further to the recent update on the, Fair Work Ombudsman’s Education Campaign for the TCF Industry, below is some further information from the FWO in regards to their planned activity.

TCF FWO Campaign Education Strategy

The education strategy is a key deliverable of this first phase of a wider two year campaign and will underpin the success of the overall activity.  The aim of this strategy will be to inform TCF industry participants of their rights and obligations and promote awareness of the impact of low cost items on those at the bottom of Australian supply chains.

This campaign involves an all-of -industry approach.  Hence, the key educative messages will differ for each group; retailers, merchant distributors, factory employers/principal contractors and employees/outworkers as follows:

Retailers (includes fashion labels/houses/designers/etc) - raise awareness of the impact of low cost garments on those working at the bottom of the supply chain and secondly obtain information regarding the merchant distributors they use.

The campaign also aims at making them aware of the implications of section 550 of the Act which stipulates it may be a contravention of the Act if a person has been involved with others who have contravened the Act.

Merchant Distributor - promote the same messages as the retailers to this group and encourage them to notify their manufacturers that FWO will be undertaking considerable work within the industry.

Principle contractors / Factory employers (again will include fashion labels/houses/designers/etc.)- messages The FWO wants to convey to this group are that there are minimum obligations they are required to meet. For factory employers we want to educate them on their NES record-keeping and minimum wage obligations.

For principal contractors who engage outworkers we want to raise awareness of the requirements of Schedule F of the award (specifically in relation to record-keeping requirements and registration with the Board of Reference).

Outworkers and factory employees - The key group of individuals we aim to educate about workplace rights and encouraging them to feel comfortable seeking assistance.

The key messaging for employees and outworkers includes:

  • NES entitlements
  • minimum rates of pay, pay slip requirements and hours of work arrangements
  • the ability to confidentially seek help about their entitlements.

Note that there will not be traditional compliance assessments in this campaign; rather this campaign focuses on delivering education through different modes of communication including face to face contact, the provision of written correspondence and fact sheets and the use of a multimedia platform including social media.

The education campaign commenced in early March 2015.

More details on the FWO’s plans will be provided as they come to hand.

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