Did you know that the TFIA have been successfully representing the Textile, Clothing & Footwear sectors in Australia since the 1940s?

Did you know that we are a not for profit, independent, membership owned and driven organisation? This means we are able to be responsive to industry needs as shifts occur and necessities develop.

The TFIA exists to promote and support the sustainable, profitable growth of Australian fashion, apparel, footwear and textile businesses. Representing members from all steps in the supply chain, we encourage collaboration and innovation. We provide industry training, resources and information and deliver workshops, seminars and networking opportunities for all levels of the industry. We also work on behalf of our valuable members to represent the industry to government and regulators.

We believe in an industry working together to:

  • Build the reputation, locally and globally of Australian TCF organisations as innovative and profitable
  • Maintain ethical integrity in all industry activities
  • Equip a creative, entrepreneurial and technically advanced workforce
  • Ensure a regulatory environment that nurtures business, and to assist with access to industry support
We Support We Connect We Advocate
We Support We Connect We Advocate

Something else you might not know, is that we don't just exist for the big guys!

Our membership base is broad and varied and we pride ourselves on our inclusive practices. How better to maintain a thriving industry than to collaborate with businesses of every scale?

We recognise the importance of building connections between businesses big and small, but we also see collaboration between our established industry and our emerging industry as crucial for the strength of TCF in Australia.

To better serve our industry, we have recently restructured our membership packages to not only include an option for Micro Businesses, but we are now also offering a Student Membership.

To see how membership could benefit you and your business, head to the Membership Section of our website here.

We look forward to working with you!

Thanks for reading!