Member Spotlight | Jeanswest Homespun

Member Spotlight | Jeanswest Homespun

Last month TFIA Members Jeanswest cemented their commitment to traceability with their new Homespun collection of 100% Australian designed, sourced and made menswear. The collection  just goes to show the collective potential of our local industry! Australian makers involved in the project included; Rossi Boots, ABMT Textiles, OCC Apparel, Vince Clothing, LMB Knitwear and Loop Leather Co. The range is also ethically accredited by ECA!


Launched in selected stores on Tuesday 15 March 2016 Jeanswest's Homespun capsule collection is 100% Australian designed and made. Jeanswest has worked with seven of Australia’s most well-known and highly regarded suppliers on Homespun, that includes denim jeans, 100% cotton tees and merino wool beanies and scarves, socks, leather belts and suede desert boots.

The new Homespun range has also received accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia as Jeanswest continues to work closely with the organisation.

"Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) is thrilled to have worked with Jeanswest on their new Homespun capsule collection, which sees Jeanswest exploring local manufacturing opportunities and embracing supply chain transparency,” said Ethical Clothing Australia’s Accreditation Manager, Rebekka Carey-Smith. “We congratulate them on this exciting new initiative and look forward to both sharing and celebrating this positive story."

Australian suppliers are excited to be working with the large retailer that has 222 stores across Australia and New Zealand. The Homespun leather desert boots were handmade by Rossi Boots in South Australia, one of the few remaining bootmakers committed to manufacturing in Australia. After 106 years Rossi Boots is still owned by the Rossiter family, with each successive generation inheriting the passion of their ancestors to make great Australian boots.

"Being an Australian manufacturer has been very important to us and it’s wonderful to be working with a brand that celebrates this. Rossi Boots is thrilled to be involved in the Homespun collection, which is a reminder that Australian manufacturers can be competitive and make wonderful quality products, something all Australians can be proud of,” explains Myron Mann, CEO Rossi Boots.

Homespun is a platform for Jeanswest to share the story about their ongoing commitment to traceability and transparency of their sourcing and production.

Jeanswest General Manager of Product said, “More and more we know our customers want transparency around where our collections are made. We are on a constant journey to continue to improve and develop our levels of traceability and Homespun is another step in the right direction for us. Our job is certainly not done, however we have a long-term strategy to keep traceability at the forefront of everything we do.”

The Homespun menswear collection is available in-store and online from Tuesday 15 March and includes twenty-one styles ranging from AUD$18.99 for cotton socks to AUD$169.99 for suede desert boots.

Rossi Boots for Jeanswest Homespun

Great to see TFIA Members Jeanswest dedicate themselves to trace-ability in their supply chain and support the local Australian Manufacturing Industry. The results are well worth the effort and we look forward to seeing how the project evolves over time. Click through to the Jeanswest website to see more for yourself!

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