Industry Event | B2BEXPO 2016 Free Seminar Sessions

TFIA invites you to join us for a free Industry Seminar as part of this month's B2BEXPO 2016. The B2BEXPO is organised by the Australian Business Forum (ABF), an independent, non-political organisation that facilitates business-to-business events for Australian Small and Medium Enterprises.

The Free Seminar Sessions will run over two days, 27th-28th of April at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Taking part in this program, TFIA's David Giles-Kaye will join Geerish Bucktowonsing, General Manger at Mauritius Enterprise, for a panel discussion on: The Organics and Opportunities of Clothing, Textile & Fashion.

WHAT | B2BEXPO 2016, Free Seminar Sessions, Day 2, Session Slot 17, Panel: The Organics and Opportunities of Clothing, Textile and Fashion

WHEN | 28th April 2016, 3.30pm - 4.00pm

WHERE | Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Seminar Room 2



Small and medium businesses are the driving force behind Australia’s economic growth, more and more people are embracing entrepreneurship and contributing to the nation’s growing economy, with a renewed focus on startups.

The inaugural B2BEXPO 2016 is a showcase of business services and opportunities.

Presented over two days the exhibition will showcase over 150 exhibitors and include a series of high profile feature zones:

  • International Trade Zone
  • Government Pavilion
  • Startup Street
  • IT Matters
  • Business Opportunities Showcase
  • Business Learning Hub
  • E-Commerce Zone
  • Business Services Hub
  • Financial Services

B2BEXPO 2016 is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your business needs, and presents a unique opportunity to engage with experts, solution providers and business owners / operators across the business community.

The two-day expo will feature over 150 exhibitors, providing solutions to improve, grow and develop businesses. Accompanying the expo, is the B2B Seminar Series where expert keynote speakers and solution providers will share current trends and innovative ideas, helping you to nurture business relationships and create a buzz around your brand.


With speakers from multiple sectors, attendees can gain the latest insights into the Australian market and the opportunities available for Small & Medium Enterprises.

The B2BEXPO 2016 Seminar Sessions will be held on both days of the B2BEXPO and can be attended by any delegates, for free. Topics at the B2B EXPO will address a multitude of issues, trends and effective frameworks that effect Australian SMEs.

Attendees of the B2BEXPO 2016 Seminar Session will gain insights from representatives of companies such as American Express, Oracle, ATO, Department of Employment, AusIndustry and a host of other industry leading organisations including the TFIA.


Want to find out more? There is a great lineup of speakers and panelists over the two day program so make sure you check it out. Head to the website HERE


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