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The Baptist World Aid Australia 2016 Australian Fashion Report is out and whilst companies have significantly improved since 2013 in knowledge of their suppliers, there is still a long way for our Industry to go.

The report reveals that only 5% of Australian fashion companies know the origin of the raw materials used to manufacture their products and just 16% have fully traced their input supply chain.

2016 Australian Fashion ReportIn an article by, Dave Giles-Kaye, of TFIA, said the BWAA16 report showed an improvement, but said it was “never going to be a good result” until all workers involved in the manufacture of clothes were paid a fair minimum wage – a change that requires a concerted, combined effort on behalf of companies and governments alike.

“At the grassroots, it’s about making sure that the people making these clothes, whether they are at the first tier or second or third, are being paid a fair minimum wage”. The industry needs to do more to educate consumers so that they look for and, when not found, demand transparent information from companies about where and how their clothes are manufactured.

Dave also recently spoke on behalf of TFIA for the SBS 6.30 news who also covered the report. You can catch the episode via the link below at around 22:54 minutes in.



How as an industry do we better educate consumers and drive much needed change?

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