Industry News | Call For ACCC Survey Participation

Industry News | Call For ACCC Survey Participation

TFIA was recently contacted by The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to invite you to participate in a survey about how they carry out their work.


The ACCC is interested in obtaining the views of businesses about how it carries out its work to enhance the welfare of all Australians by:

• Maintaining and promoting competition.

• Protecting the interests and safety of consumers, and supporting fair trading in markets affecting consumers and small businesses.

• Promoting the economically efficient operation of, use of, and investment in infrastructure.

The survey is structured around the six outcomes-based key performance indicators (KPIs) set out in the Australian Government’s framework for assessing the performance of all major Commonwealth regulators, including the ACCC.

The six KPIs cover a broad range of good regulatory practices and processes, including how regulators engage with stakeholders. Good regulatory practices and processes are important for achieving outcomes that contribute to the purpose and objectives of the regulatory framework. They are also important to help minimise the impact of regulation on businesses that are required to comply with the law.

You are invited to answer the questionnaire in relation to your perceptions of the ACCC’s performance over the last 12 months, specifically focusing on your businesses’ engagement with the ACCC in its Small Business role.

The Small Business function relates to informing businesses and consumers of their rights and obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 through engagement, education and the provision of specialised information.

As industry members your views are important and your cooperation in completing this survey would be appreciated. The survey should take no more than 15 minutes and will provide valuable information on your experience with the ACCC.

Survey responses are anonymous and will be treated as strictly confidential and in compliance with information privacy legislation.

To complete the survey, simply click on the link below. The opportunity to provide input will close on Friday 6 May, 2016.

A summary report on the survey results that will be prepared by ORC International will be distributed via their mailing list once available. Be sure to subscribe if you'd like to see the results for yourself.

If you experience any technical difficulties while completing this survey, please email: ORC International at


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