TFIA Training Network | Upcoming Workshops

TFIA Training Network | Upcoming Workshops


We've got some amazing industry focused, intensive workshops lined up over the next few months with leading textile experts Carolina Quintero and Gido Theilig. Don't miss out on this opportunity to up-skill and refresh your textile knowledge.

MAY 6th & 13th 


With 26 years experience in the leather industry, Gido will take you through all you need to know on leather types, production and manufacturing processes and finishes. The workshops will cover the leather making process from the rawhide through to the finished product.

The workshop sessions are a highlight for anyone working with hides or planning to. The complexities of working with leather are endless and by attending this workshop you will learn how to avoid mistakes and recognise quality and production standards that all result in a better product. Suitable for any sized business wanting to learn more about working with leather.


  • Why tan hides and skins?
  • Global kill rates
  • Norming bodies and societies in the leather industry
  • Hide and skin preservation
  • Histology of hide and skins
  • Terminology involved in hides and skins
  • Terminology from the rawhide to wet blue
  • Different types of tannages and resultant products
  • Beam-house, wet end processes


  • Beam-house and wet end terminology
  • Identifying types of hides and skins
  • Finishing of leather
  • Official leather definitions
  • Various types of leather
  • Pro’s and con’s of leather types
  • General leather care

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JULY 6th & 8th

An in-depth overview of Textile and Clothing basics for those working in the Fashion industry. This course will cover key ideas, terms and processes in relation to fibres, fabrics, finishes and garment manufacturing. This course acts to provide a comprehensive understanding of Fashion and Textiles to compliment and expand upon your existing knowledge.


  • Provide a basic knowledge about garment manufacturing and textiles to improve communication with suppliers, peers, contractors, buyers, etc.
  • Provide an understanding of the impact of textiles on product performance.


  • Fibers & Yarns: Properties, characteristics, identification and classification.
  • Fabrication: Knits, wovens & non-wovens. Key terms, quality, weights & characteristics. Fabric preparation & pre-treatments.


  • Finishing & Garment Manufacturing: Textile & garment finishes, printing & dyeing. Textile & garment testing, standards & specifications. Care of textile products.
  • Laws & Regulations: Relating to safety, consumer information, sustainability and environmental issues. This will cover the areas of labelling, warranties, licences, certifications and international compliance.

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This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the screen printing process from techniques and methods through to inks and equipment, offering you the information upon which to build and improve the quality of your fashion and textile product. Hone your skills, learn new techniques, and keep up to date with the ever expanding world of textile screen printing. It is ideal training if you want to obtain a complete understanding of the concepts and practices of screen printing and how to translate them into a more profitable product. The course is particularly useful to those wanting to outsource screen printing services and ensure efficiency.



  • Textile Colouration: Inks and dyes, general overview (screen printing, bleaching, discharge, surface effects)
  • Textile Print Introduction: Historical perspective, Methods of Printing (screen flat bed, rotary, placement, carousel), Styles of Printing ( Direct, Discharge and resist)


  • Brief overview and historical perspective
  • Machines – Fabric and Garment – sampling and production
  • Dyes and inks in digital printing
  • Methods of digital printing – Sublimation, acid, reactive, pigment, direct and transfer,
  • Different methods, costing, process, pros and cons
  • Method identification



  • Screen Printing Technique Identification: Identify method used, faults and/or areas for print improvement.
  • Screen Printing methods – Pigment, reactive, acid, disperse, opaque, transparent
  • Screen meshes – mesh counts and related artwork outcomes
  • Screen preparation – preparing, coating and exposing
  • Introduction to artwork preparation – yardage, placement and boarder
  • Introduction to artwork separation – 1 colour, 2/3 Colour, 4 colour process, solid colour, spot colour, halftone and moiré patterns
  • Printing process – registration and colour matching
  • Print setting – cure and finish

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**We limit the size of the workshops to allow time for you to ask questions specific to your own industry area and business. Get in quick to avoid missing out! Want to find out more? Head to the TFIA Eventbrite Page HERE

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