Meet | Fashion Hub Queensland

Meet | Fashion Hub Queensland

We'd like to introduce you to the amazing team at Fashion Hub Queensland - as a valuable connection and resource for those of you in the Sunshine State!


The goal of Fashion Hub Queensland is to bring together all facets of the fashion industry in the Sunshine State of Queensland through networking and educational events that benefit Queensland’s local fashion community. Queensland has it’s own unique and vibrant fashion industry made up of innovative fashion sense among community members as well as fantastic fashion education programs offered at various universities around the state.

Networking is a crucial ingredient to a successful fashion career, and Fashion Hub Queensland would like to help pave the road to success for the bright, imaginative fashion enthusiasts and students in the local area. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, photographer, stylist, model, sewer, designer, or marketing student- this is the place for you to meet, network, attend events, seek out mentors, and find new projects to further advance your career.


FHQ Director | Carly Vidal - Wallace

Want to find out more? Head over to the Fashion Hub Queensland website HERE!

The team have some great resources available specific to Queensland including the event Calendar and fashion community Directory.

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