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We'd like to draw your attention to one of our amazing TFIA members: UGG Australia. Established in 1981, they have proudly been crafting an Australian icon for over 35 years, here in Melbourne. The Roman Tannery is the only sheepskin footwear tannery left in Australia and ensures the very best quality from sheep to boot. The team focus on an ecologically friendly tanning process, with techniques ever evolving through modern thinking and innovation. Their philosophy is born of a love for excellent quality and kept alive by the family’s passion for true honest craftsmanship.


We’re the ONLY Australian sheepskin footwear manufacturer with our own tannery right here in Melbourne! We believe customers have the right to know where their products come from. In our Brunswick factory we cut, stitch and glue every pair of sheepskin boot, right here in Melbourne, Australia.

With over three generation of rich heritage, embodied by intricate craftsmanship, perseverance and hard work we continue to bring together pure Australian raw materials, and culture. Our family business puts forward an honest ideal that still endures.

It’s not just about using Australian materials because they’re authentic, or because they’re great quality. It’s about keeping Australian heritage alive by crafting a pair of boots with care and creating something exceptional that will last, for generations to come.


What’s in a name?

The truth is, no one knows exactly where the idea came from, or where the iconic boot got their name. What we do know is that the sheepskin boot was born here in Australia, and its legend is unequivocally Aussie.

The ownership of the word ‘Ugg’ has been contested for more than four decades, but we have been selling Ugg Australia® branded footwear in Australia continuously since the early 1980’s and won our trademarks after almost a decade in dispute. We are Ugg Australia®, owned and made in Australia, and we will continue to keep this Australian icon alive.


We have never been afraid of a bit of hard work and constantly challenge the status quo. So when we couldn’t guarantee the supply of the best quality sheepskin, we didn’t hesitate to take on a new challenge and open a tannery of our very own here in Melbourne. It’s all part of our commitment to continue to manufacture quality products in Australia and it’s a choice that comes with a lot of hard work.

Roman Tannery is the only sheepskin footwear tannery left in Australia. Our ecologically friendly tanning process takes about ten days, during which the hides are cleansed, combed, buffed, polished and dyed with care. Our techniques are always evolving and improving through engaging with modern thinking and innovation. This is our philosophy born of a love for excellent quality and kept alive by our family’s passion for true honest craftsmanship. Having our own tannery means that we can ensure the very best quality, from sheep to boot!


Want to find out more? Head over to the Ugg Australia website HERE or connect to the Ugg team on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Pinterest.

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