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This week we'd like to turn the spotlight on TFIA Members Kangan Institute, their Centre for Fashion & Creative Industries and a unique partnership project with the Australian Red Cross.


2015 saw an exciting partnership take shape between Kangan Institute's Fashion and Visual Merchandising students and the Australian Red Cross. The initiative, 'Rags to Runway' promoted sustainable practice in the Fashion Industry.

Second year fashion design students were given the opportunity to turn the Red Cross store's unusable donations, that would have otherwise gone to landfill, into runway-ready fashion garments. The up-cycled  garments were then featured in Kangan Institute's end of year fashion show alongside up-cycled hats from their millinery department.

Kangan Institute's Fashion Design Coordinator Vicki Nicola says “we wanted to teach our students about sustainability. The fashion industry currently has extremely high levels of toxic waste and we wanted to educate our new designers about creating fashion from fashion.”

The students rummaged through rejected rags, unsaleable items and donated clothing at a Red Cross warehouse in Melbourne to find their ‘before’ pieces. Using a range of fabrics including denim, summer fabrics, sheets and even rugs, the students redesigned, re-cycled and re-used to give the donations a new life as high end fashion.

The results? “The finished outfits look amazing! Students have learned new skills and have an increased awareness and appreciation of sustainability in garment design and production” says Vicki.

Kangan's visual merchandising students took the project  one step further, devising and installing striking window displays in the Red Cross Richmond retail stores on Bridge Rd and Swan St.

The initiative also provided several of the students opportunity to undertake volunteering and work placement with the Red Cross, where one of the students has now  gained permanent employment.


A little bird told us that this unique partnership is set to continue - so you can be sure to see some exciting developments and announcements in this space very soon!

"We created some amazing garments last year & now moving forward it’s time to go the next level...Our story is quite amazing, saving the planet one garment  at a time."  Vicki Nicola.

Kangan Creative industries offers courses in Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Visual Merchandising and Hair and Beauty.

Want to find out more? Head to their website HERE and be sure to stay tuned for some exciting industry collaborations!

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