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Introducing - a small team of committed individuals who are passionate about training, the local industry and the companies they work their magic on. work closely with businesses in the TCF Industry to streamline training processes to be digitally based and more importantly; easier to implement & maintain. Tailored specifically to your business, are here to answer all of your training prayers!

The Council of Textile & Fashion are excited to announce that we will be working closely with in an effort to build local industry capability. Watch this space!

What They Do ?

Here at we’re redefining the way training is carried out in the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Industry.

With our fresh and new perspective we provide training like you’ve never seen it before.

We work closely with your business to improve and enhance your training processes.

The team

The team

How They Do It ?

Training is developed in consultation with you and tailored to your company. It is delivered through a tailor-made Learning Management System specific to your business.

Training is a combination of online modules, workplace and supervisor assessment. It includes video and online quizzes so that learners and their supervisors can track progression.

Much of our training focuses on ensuring compliance with existing company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) and policies.  Other focus units include OHS, machine operations, fibre technology, wool appreciation, planning and production processes, quality assurance, sustainability and more.


What is the Current Situation?

In consultation with industry we have identified 3 key areas that textile manufacturers are grappling with:

  1. Skill shortage amongst current employees
  2. An ageing workforce
  3. The need to attract younger employees

How can Improve the Current Situation?

With our contribution to your training we help to address the current situation by helping you:

  1. Introducing succession planning
  2. Upskilling current employees
  3. Filling retirement positions appropriately
  4. Targeted training (aimed at specific departments to meet goals)
  5. Contextualised training to your company
  6. Recruiting young people with fresh ideas
  7. Develop employees into pathway training to encourage growth within the business

What are the Outcomes?

The outcomes for your company are:

  1. Employees develop new skills and build upon current ones to enable themselves and the business to progress and grow
  2. Young employees are attracted to work at the business through encouragement and development of their skills as well as a career pathway
  3. Gain a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) built specifically for the business enabling tracking, monitoring andIdentification of growth within the workforce as well as streamlining staff training
  4. Eligible employees are able to gain an accredited qualification
  5. Compliance and regulatory requirements are met and data is stored within the LMS
  6. Support provided by throughout entire duration of training
  7. Boost in staff morale and motivation
  8. Training that suits today’s learning needs

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