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Meet GS1

GS1 Australia is the leading provider of standards and solutions for over 20 industry sectors. GS1 introduced barcoding to Australia in 1979 and today enable more than 17,000 member companies, of all sizes, to become more efficient by implementing the GS1 system.

Upcoming Learn & Knowledge Events | Numbering and Barcoding

The GSI team have several upcoming day sessions in Melbourne and Sydney over the months of July and August. The sessions outline how identification using the GS1 numbering system and application of GS1 capturing technologies (such as barcodes) leads to best practices in supply chain management, enabling many benefits including traceability, stocktake automation and accurate purchasing.

Sydney 12th July

Melbourne 19th July

Sydney 16th August

Melbourne 25th August

Offer for Council of Textile & Fashion Members:

In some exciting news we have a special discounted ticket offer for our Members for the next 4 GS1 Learn and Knowledge - Numbering and Barcoding training sessions. Interested? Shoot us an email at to receive your promo code!

GS1 are kindly offering a discounted fee of $300 + GST for all Council of Textiles and Fashion members who wish to participate in GS1 Learn and Knowledge Events. This is a $180 discount from the published price of $480+ GST for Non GS1 members.


What To Expect

Learn is the first half-day session (morning) that introduces the key concepts of the GS1 standards. The focus of the Learn is the identification of trade items at the retail level and the evaluation of appropriate barcoding options.

Knowledge is the second half-day session (afternoon) that builds on the material presented in the Learn session and takes the participants into more sophisticated applications of GS1 standards. The Knowledge session is designed for people who wish to obtain expertise in the numbering and barcoding of trade items and logistic units in the non-retail environment.

The Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to GS1 Australia and its key areas of activity including Numbering and Barcoding, EDI, Data Synchronisation and EPC / Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies.
  • The key principles of the GS1 system of standards
  • How do the GS1 standards facilitate supply chain efficiency and effectiveness
  • Consideration on the retail POS (point-of-sale)
  • How to identify your retail trade or consumption items using the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • How to manage and grow a multi-customer business in terms of numbers and barcodes
  • Which GS1 barcode to use depending on the nature of the product
  • When to change or discontinue use of a barcode number
  • How to identify your non-retail trade items at different levels of packaging
  • How to identify your logistics units using the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)
  • How to use the GS1 System to assist in traceability, FIFO (stock rotation) and inventory management
  • What are the key points regarding barcode quality
  • The critical link that printing provides in the creation of the symbol
  • Technology considerations and the GS1 Alliance Partner community
  • Common problems and troubleshooting
  • How to practically implement the GS1 System or improve its application within your businesses. 

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