Member Spotlight | Bruck Textiles

Member Spotlight | Bruck Textiles

Developing quality fabrics since 1946, the privately owned Australian company is a leading innovator in technical textiles and protective, performance fabrics. Bruck play an important role in the Australian supply chain with capabilities ranging from weaving, dye and print technologies, through to collaborative developments in infrared surveillance.


Bruck Textiles is a privately owned Australian company that has been developing quality fabrics since 1946. Bruck has successfully transformed itself and adapted to market changes over this time to keep its competitive edge.

Today, Bruck Textiles is Australia’s leading innovator in technical textiles providing high performance and protective fabrics for use in Military, Structural and Wildland Firefighting, Emergency Services, Station Wear, Law Enforcement, Mining, Oil and Gas, Work Wear, Corporate Wear, Metal Smelting and General Industry.

Our fabrics protect a number of professionals and volunteers with BRUCK® protective products specified by emergency services in Australia and New Zealand.

Bruck is a market leader in the innovative development of advanced textiles such as Sentinel®, PR97®, Enforcer® 24K with PBi®, FORTRESS™,  XMPLAR PRO® and SHIELD® eVent® 3L, providing assurance for the safety of those engaged in important yet hazardous work.

Bruck is the major supplier of combat and non-combat uniform fabrics for the Australian Defence Force. With on-going emphasis on performance, textiles technology and an investment commitment to match, Bruck has introduced solutions in high performance areas such as fragment protection, Near Infrared Signature Management, waterproof and breathable wet weather outerwear, flame retardant, cold weather outerwear, extreme cold weather outer and underwear, aramids, para-aramid and FR viscose. This has been achieved by exploring new innovative developments in protective and defence fabrics.

Bruck is the only Australian weaver that manufactures DuPont™ Nomex® fabric, proprietary PBI Gold® and PBI Matrix® outer shells and is the only PROBAN® licensee operating in the region.

Bruck fabrics are independently accredited to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, giving consumers the confidence of knowing textile products tested against this criterion, are guaranteed to contain no concentrations of substances that are detrimental to human health.

Bruck has also responded with urgency and cost efficiency to DMO/DSTO, for the development of the new Airforce (GPU) and Army (AMCU) camouflage pattern development projects. Bruck uses specialised dyeing and printing technologies to produce protective camouflage fabrics that aim to minimise the detection of defence personnel during combat.

Bruck has collaborated with CSIRO to develop innovative solutions in response to new developments in infrared surveillance technology. They are also proud supporters of the Australian Made and Owned Campaign. 

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