Member Spotlight | Full Circle Fibres

Member Spotlight | Full Circle Fibres

Meet Full Circle Fibres, the Queensland based business founded by Meriel Chamberlin. Full Circle Fibres is all about connecting the links from grower to user, respecting the source and the stages along the way as gently and carefully as possible.



Recently Full Circle Fibres has connected up the dots in the Australian Cotton supply chain. Their collaboration with Australian Super Cotton means they can now trace their products directly from field to fabric. With a commercial range of core fabrics now available to designers and makers, the team are also able to work with clients at a larger scale and produce exclusive fabrics and colours.

"Full Circle Fibres was created as we wanted to enable makers, small designers and local companies to do something that seems so obvious – design and make with Australian Cotton. Full Circle Fibres is currently the only place this is possible for anyone not large enough to work in 10s of tonnes and anyone at all who wants an entirely traceable, 100% Australian supply chain. We have turned these fibres into something you can use, without them leaving Australia."

Full Circle Fibres offer a journey about finding and using sustainably and ethically sourced fibres, yarns and fabrics, crafting tips, articles about the wonderful growers, suppliers and processors, and as made available, products for you to enjoy, use and share. At the core of the initiative is a focus on informing both consumers and makers alike of the origins of the materials they are using, and of making Australian cotton accessible.

"Cotton Australia has done an incredible job educating designers and brands about the global best practice sustainability story that Australian Cotton is. Now, we have put the chain together so you can put it in your products, no matter how small your business."


Meriel is a passionate textile technologist (nerd for fabric manufacture), crafter and mother of 2. She lives with her family trying to tread lightly on this world in their sustainably renovated house in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Meriel gained her BSc (Hons) in Textile Science and Technology at UMIST in Manchester in their School of Textiles (now Materials Science), and progressed to a career working with large and small companies with fabric and garment manufacturers and supply chains in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Are you a designer wanting to work with traceable Australian Cotton?

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