ATT Taking Aussie Brands to the World

Australian Trusted Trader Helps Take Aussie Brands to the World

Council of Textile & Fashion members Pacific Brands have come a long way from manufacturing Dunlop bicycle tyres in 1893. Today, the business is famous for marketing iconic brands such as Bonds, Sheridan, Tontine, Berlei, and Jockey in Australia and overseas. As an Australian business active in the international supply chain, Pacific Brands saw immense value being part of the Australian Government initiative, Australian Trusted Trader (ATT).



ATT is a voluntary trade facilitation initiative open to all Australian businesses active in the international supply chain. Businesses that have two years of international trading history, an Australian Business Number and are financially solvent are encouraged to join the programme.



Pacific Brands helped to shape ATT through their involvement in the pilot programme. They were also among the first Australian businesses to become accredited. They join a small community of Australian businesses that meet the highest of standards in supply chain security.

According to the Head of Logistics at Pacific Brands, Mr Tyrone Tapusoa, “The Trusted Trader programme is an opportunity to enhance the company’s strategic objective of building an efficient and fast global supply chain. By looking at speed, and reduction of lead-time of the products coming into Australia, it was a natural progression for us to move from the bonded warehouse to the Trusted Trader programme.”

Mr Tapusoa believes that the market is changing rapidly, and that ‘fast-fashion’ is now a reality faced by the business.

“With global competitors coming to Australia, it is important to protect the brands that that we own. It’s important how we work with our suppliers, not just our traditional suppliers, but also our partners in our supply chain. Being an Australian Trusted Trader will help Pacific Brands grow and develop, and provide us with certainty and surety in delivery of goods across borders. Now we have an opportunity to work closely with the Australian Border Force, the operator of ATT, to find opportunities on how they can support us, as we take Bonds to the world.”



Sound like something that would be beneficial to your business?

For more information including how to apply, visit the ATT website below and follow on Twitter at #austrustedtrader