Industry Snapshot | Meet Virginia Dowzer



Stylist & Creative Director, Melbourne, Australia

As part of our Industry Snapshot series, we are taking a peek into the lives of the various individuals that keep our Australian Fashion Industry going. Last month we took a few moments with the incredibly talented Stylist and Creative Director, Virginia Dowzer!

The goal, through my entire career, has been to push the boundaries surrounding visual communication and work towards creating a piece that is effective and engaging. I strive, through working within the creative process, to further articulate the wonderment and complexity in fashion and fashion related themes.
One can never underestimate the visual power of beauty and the richness it can deliver. Storytelling through visual communication, stills and moving image, is about uncovering and developing that aesthetic.
Virginia Dowzer

Describe your role in the Fashion Industry:

I style and creatively direct iconic fashion related images and fashion shows.

What is your Industry background? How did you come to be a Stylist and Creative Director?

I first studied science and then BA fashion at RMIT. I had my own studio and produced swimwear collections in Melbourne prior to living in London and working at the V&A. I was in the textile and dress department and my curator, Rosemary Harden (now at the fashion museum in bath UK), taught me the art of styling exhibitions. The V&A still takes my breath away, it is has the worlds most extensive collections of fashion and textiles.

Virginia Dowzer B&W

What is your favourite part about what you do? What drives you?

The people I meet and the pursuit of visual perfection, solving problems and learning. I am a very inquisitive person. Creative people understand each other and its that synergy that is, for me, incredibly inspiring.

You have worked with some amazing fellow creatives, are there any individuals or projects that have particularly stood out for you?

All the abbreviations! MSFW, VAMFF, MRC, VRC, COM and NGV. I feel very lucky in Melbourne to have artistically ambitious leaders in both unexpected sectors (e.g. Government) and independent businesses.

Virginia Dowzer NGV

What projects are you currently working on? What/who should we keep an eye out for?

MSFW is a busy time of year for me, Im styling the emerging graduate and the RMIT shows, both of which are stacked with so much talent.

What advice would you give to those looking to follow your footsteps?

Work hard, know your stuff, keep learning.

How do you see the current status of the Australian Fashion Industry and future opportunities for Australian talent?

It’s important to distinguish between fashion and clothing. The mass market (clothing) Industry is a healthy one here but the fashion industry on the other hand, in my mind, needs some love. I would like to see more patrons of fashion, mentoring, export incentives, larger retail support and unconditional grants gifted to emerging designers.

What does ‘Australian Fashion/Style’ mean to you?

I think we are a pretty relaxed nation, simple, fun, practical and comfortable…. I’m always inspired by the use of textiles, 3D printing, printing, holograms and technology etc.

Virginia Dowzer

Virginia is represented by Reload Agency and you can see more of her work via her website HERE!

Be sure to also see her expertise in full swing at this year’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week with the Emerging Collective Runway and Emerging RMIT Runway shows.

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