Member Spotlight | Hysport

Member Spotlight | Hysport

This month we’d like to draw your attention to our members at Hysport! With early beginnings as a family business with a knitting machine in 1971, Hysport has continued to grow and develop their manufacturing techniques, materials and technologies. From keeping the Australian teams warm at the Winter Olympics, to launching their own luxury label MerinoSnug, Hysport are committed to creating authentic Australian Made knitwear. This commitment spans from their factory in Carrum Downs, through to a QR enabled DNA system with AWN, allowing consumers to trace their MerinoSnug purchase back to the Australian wool grower.



Hysport, a family business, was formed in 1971 by founder Geoff Jones who began making children’s clothing from his small home in Melbourne. In the early 1960’s he purchased a knitting machine which allowed the company to grow and expand.

During the 70’s and 80’s Hysport made a name for itself by contract knitting for sports clubs. This included iconic retro ski knits with kitch graphics (jacquards), high roll necks and padded patch details. During this era, Hysport was also involved in the Advance Australia campaign and in 1983 was contracted to make the jumpers for the America’s Cup team. Hysport was also requested to provide knitwear for the Australian teams for the Winter Olympics during the 80’s and 90’s.

During the 1990’s Hysport took a giant technological leap forward and ventured into 3-dimensional brightly coloured knitwear under the label Emaroo. These garments were particularly popular in the tourism market and exports flourished.


Hysport moved away from 3-dimensional knitting and began manufacturing garments with a more classic direction. Hysport adopted a brand new fibre introduced to the world market – Merino Possum, a blend of Australian Merino wool and New Zealand possum fur – a worldwide recognised eco-fur.

The MerinoSnug brand was launched into the Australian market in 2004 and is now recognised as a leading Australian made luxury knitwear brand.

Hysport are constantly striving to upgrade and improve manufacturing techniques, not only to remain competitive on price and design, but most importantly to achieve an unfaltering level of quality.



In November 2014 Hysport was purchased by Australian Wool Network (AWN) – Australia’s largest independent wool marketing company. AWN purchased the Hysport knitwear manufacturing business to help realise its long held vision, “to bring wool growers, wool processors and consumers together”.

AWN has developed a unique wool supply program, called DNA, to give a provenance to the MerinoSnug products – by sourcing wool grown from AWN clients, taking it right through the processing pipeline and then finally having it manufactured at Hysport in Victoria, Australia. The DNA program showcases the AWN clients and their sheep who contributed to the making of the product and the environment in which it was grown.

For the consumer the DNA program provides an opportunity to discover those who have contributed to the making of MerinoSnug through a QR enabled swing tag.



Now with AWN the long term success and future development of Hysport is assured. We continue to remain committed to excellence in all aspects of our business and importantly to providing our customers with the highest quality, authentic Australian Made knitwear.


AWN’s commitment to wool and Australian Made knitwear was further strengthened on 1 July this year after it acquired the business of Hedrena, an Australian manufacturer of merino wool next to skin sustainable lifestyle wear. The Hedrena business will operate from the Hysport factory in Carrum Downs and will further enhance the DNA story for all three entities.

The Hysport Team!

Great to see  thriving local manufacturing! Want to find out more? Head to the MerinoSnug website HERE!

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