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Introducing the Abel Collective! A Melbourne based business with a national reach and over twenty years experience in the retail space. Abel Collective offer end to end solutions in data insights, strategy development and execution.



The Abel Collective was created after spending a number of years in the sales and marketing space with big FMCG companies and continually seeing large budgets being spent with little or no insight around as to who the actual consumer was and how did they behave in a retail space. This is still extremely prevalent today.  


Do you know who enters your retail space and if so do you know if they purchase and what they purchase? A large number of bricks and mortar retail business's will answer no to these questions. 



With the gathering and analysis of consumer data increasing at a frenetic pace, traditionally the physical retail space has had limited ways to leverage this valuable trend. With facial recognition technology becoming increasingly accessible there is now a sophisticated and accurate way to gather insights, develop fact based consumer trends and leverage these to increase consumer engagement and grow sales in the physical retail space.

The Abel Collective has a number of retailers currently taking advantage of facial recognition technology and has also run trials in CTF's own Curated pop up stores.

With the imminent arrival into the Australian marketplace of increasingly sophisticated retailers current practices need to change. Without an accurate. realtime, dynamic understanding of what is happening in your retail space you may be left behind.



For the months of November and December The Abel Collective is offering free advice and guidance to Council of Textile and Fashion members around this technology, both what it can do and how it can apply specifically to your particular retail offering.    

Intersted? Contact Matt Stubbs to find out more :