If you are working in the fashion and textile industry in a creative, entrepreneurial capacity, then chances are you've been in a stressful situation at one point or other. Rashmita Bardalai, PhD researcher at RMIT University, is looking into the emotions of creative entrepreneurs in our industry, and she wants your input!

This research focuses on how negative emotions may be alleviated through intelligent materials with the focus group being Creative Entrepreneurs in the Textile and Fashion industry in their early stages of their entrepreneurship. Having previously worked as a textile/graphic designer herself, Rashmita Bardalai, the PhD researcher at RMIT University, can empathise with some of the issues faced by creative entrepreneurs in this industry.

Emotions play an important role in our lives and one of the main factors for success is self-regulation of one’s emotions which helps in sustaining one’s motivation to see an entrepreneurial journey until its maturity. Research shows that along with positive emotions, entrepreneurs experience high levels of negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear and loneliness and inability to cope with these negative emotions can adversely affect the lifestyle of a person and has seen entrepreneurs fail in their endeavours. Negative emotions also have undesirable health implications over time with experts in the field linking stress management, job performance, leadership, opportunity evaluation and overall health and wellbeing to emotions. The aim of this project is to mitigate negative emotions by making the focus group aware that they are experiencing a negative emotion as unobtrusively as possible and helping them cope and self-regulate through intelligent materials, giving them an opportunity to evaluate their emotions and better manage them to sustain their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Emotional Research

Part of this research is a Survey Questionnaire to understand the negative emotions of these entrepreneurs, particular events that might trigger them, their environment and their coping methods. 

You are eligible to participate if:

* You are an entrepreneur in the Fashion/ Textile industry
* The business idea is your own and you are the owner and manager
* You are at an early stage of the entrepreneurship venture
* You are active in the entrepreneurship venture with serious commitment (over 16 hours of work invested each week into the venture)

If you have what is required and are interested in participating, then please contact us to for more information about the study. Participation entails signing the Participant Informed Consent Form and filling out a survey questionnaire. Please note that participation is contingent on giving informed consent to participate in human research in line with Australian national guidelines. Confidentiality and privacy will be strictly maintained during all stages of the research.

For further details please contact:

Rashmita Bardalai

m: 0425858579

e: rashmita.bardalai@rmit.edu.au