During the year, we were lucky to work with several Bachelor of Fashion Merchandising students from Box Hill Institute on an industry research project around the local supply chain. We thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to some of them; Annabelle Bailes, Jessica Araujo, Krystal Bouterakos, Tiarn Barrett and Sarah Moran. The research? The project was around mapping the local textile and fashion supply chain capabilities in Australia, and devising an online platform for the industry to access. 



Tell us about some of the companies from the local supply chain that you came across during the research project?

Annabelle | “I stumbled across a brand called Harlow. Harlow is a label based in Melbourne who produce and design women's clothing for sizes 12-26. Their capabilities include design and production of women's clothing in plus sized ranges… a target market where there is a huge gap.”
Jessica | I came across a Mohair Farm during the research of raw material companies... They explained that they are a fibre-processing mill; their capability is processing raw washed fibre into yarn. They explained the products they produce may go to the fashion industry, however, some also go to the arts and craft industry.”
Krystal | One of the companies I came across within the local supply chain was Adagio Mills which is an Alpaca wool processing and yarn manufacturing mill located locally in Orange, New South Wales. The company produces high quality Australian knitting yarns, roving and other products from 100% Australian fleece. This is carried out through the farming and manufacturing processes Adagio Mills employ which are focused upon on being sustainable within the community and textile industry. It is inspiring to see how knitting mills like Adagio can strive within the Australian supply chain and set an example for those in the industry looking to keep sourcing locally.” 
Sarah | “To me, there wasn’t one particular stand-out company, rather the message those respondents were delivering in the research results. After researching many companies, the key message I took away from the project was the fact that all companies in Melbourne and Australia were keen to collaborate to advance the fashion and textiles industry in Australia.”



Annabelle Bailes


Since I was a child, I have always been dressing up, visiting museums and fashion stores, being inspired and captured by the world of fashion.

What I love about this industry is that you never know what’s going to happen. From trends and the way fashion transitions but also revisits the past as well. I love how much history the fashion industry has, how rich this history is, how important it is and how it has changed the world.

I guess the reason why I chose this course was that I knew I loved fashion, but I knew I didn't want to design the clothes. I'm drawn to the advertising and business side of industry, avenues which the Fashion Merchandising course has allowed me to explore. I am hoping to get a full time job within fashion marketing, content creation or social media marketing.

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Jessica Araujo


I love the creativity and the ability to express yourself and your style through fashion. I really enjoyed my fashion drawing and textile subjects offered at my Secondary College, and after starting my first job in retail, my interest in the fashion industry grew and inspired me to study in this field.

From my internship opportunities and working in retail, I have gained a clear vision for myself in the fashion industry, as a Buyer. After my studies, I aspire to start my career in Buying, starting as a Buyer Assistant and progressing from there.

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Krystal Bouterakos


 Fashion has always been something I have found captivating from a number of aspects. My inspiration towards studying in this field of Fashion Merchandising comes from my passion surrounding fashion history, evolving trends, finding my own personal style, sustainability concerns, and gaining a more in-depth understanding of the whole industry.

I love the fact that the Fashion industry is diverse and exciting in terms of new avenues to explore, and I find it exciting that there are a number of career opportunities to look towards.

I see myself going into a role surrounding buying, planning, production or merchandising after my studies. I am interested in roles that capture analytical thinking, problem solving skills and adaptability, yet still allow a sense of innovation and creativity through practices.

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Sarah Moran

The thing I love most about fashion is that it allows self-expression through clothing. Sometimes we can understand how a person is feeling whether its vibrancy, muted tones or a mixture by that person’s clothing choices, which is so interesting to me.

I think the next step would be gaining further experience in most areas of the fashion industry to further understand where my interests lie and how I could fit into the industry. The key areas that I would like to explore include social media marketing and buying.

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A big thank you to the students involved, Box Hill Institute lecturers; Debbie Pratt and Carolina Quintero, and Fredrik Jansson, industry consultant at . The project certainly pinpointed some key starting points for a larger project set to take off in 2018! Watch this space…