IP & Fashion Research Project


IP & Fashion Research Project

Intellectual property lies at the heart of the fashion sector as a significant creative industry. However, how copyright and designs law plays out in the day to day business of different fashion companies is not well understood. Nor does the law seem to value the creativity in fashion as much as in other fields.

A research team at Bond University consisting of Prof William Van Caenegem and Research Associate Violet Atkinson has been working on this topic for a while, also doing comparative legal research with colleagues in France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and the US. They want to identify how Australian IP law compares with that in other countries and determine whether we come up to scratch.

The outcomes of their work will enhance the status of fashion as a creative industry, highlight its economic importance as such, increase understanding of fashion design as a creative pursuit, and formulate some policy recommendations concerning Australian IP law in the era of global trade and the emergence of a distinctive Australian fashion brand.

William joined us for a Seminar Session recently, which you can watch below:

If you are interested in the research and want to find out how you can get involved, please contact: 

Prof William Van Caenegem | wvancaen@bond.edu.au