Fashion Equipped Announces New Social Media Coaching Programme + Partnership With WGSN

Fashion Equipped Announces New Social Media Coaching Programme + Partnership With WGSN

 The new year is in full swing at Fashion Equipped, with some very exciting announcements which are set to make this year the best one yet for the fashion consultancy team.



The first new offering is our specialised Social Media Coaching Programme, run in conjunction with social media expert, Sonia Bavistock from Scribe & Social. This exciting programme is tailored specifically for fashion businesses, and consists offour one-on-one private video coaching calls where Sonia will take business owners through the process of setting up an effective social media strategy. 

With expert knowledge in social media and fashion, Sonia will delve deep into fundamental best practices, including identifying growth opportunities, ways to target the right audiences and communicating your brand’s unique persona.

This programme is a must-have for anyone wanting to brush up on their social media skills, so make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make sure your brand is grabbing attention on your social channels! 

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The second big (or should we say, HUGE) announcement is around Fashion Equipped’s new partnership with legendary fashion trend forecasters, WGSN.

WGSN is the world’s leading trend forecasting and analytics platform, and is a vital ‘tool of the trade’ for leading global fashion brands. It’s designed to identify and respond to upcoming fashion trends and styles, 2 and 5 years ahead across Consumer, Retail, Apparel, Furnishing, Homeware, Lifestyle and more.

This exclusive access is available through Fashion Equipped’s SYFB Premium Membership enrolment.

“We’ve worked very hard to make this happen because we believe in our students and we want to provide them with access to the best resources in the industry!” – Elizabeth Formosa, founder of Fashion Equipped

Having access to WGSN will put YOU in prime position to be ahead of the curve and increase your chance to plan, launch and grow a successful Fashion Business. 



 SYFB is an online learning experience supported by 50+ Video tutorials, tools, templates action plans, mentoring via monthly LIVE group coaching calls and lifetime access to our private facebook group where you will be supported by industry professionals and like-minded emerging business. 

It’s the ultimate destination for anyone wanting to start a fashion business, or those running established businesses wanting to brush up on their skills in all areas from business development, sourcing, marketing and more!