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iDA Australia & Helen Kaminski

World Mode Holdings (WMH) group is a total solutions company for the fashion and cosmetics industry in Japan, and has the largest market share of fashion and cosmetics retail job placements in Japan.

In 2018, WMH established a subsidiary in Australia called ‘iDA Australia’ to focus on recruitment in the Australian fashion market. iDA provides high quality, well-trained and hard-working staff to Australian fashion businesses.

Read about iDA’s successful work with the Helen Kaminski brand below…


“Here is our candidate Yuri who has been working at Helen Kaminski since October 2018, after being introduced through iDA.

Yuri had been working at clothing store in Japan for 9 years before she came to Australia. She was an area manager, and she loved where she was. But she also wanted to challenge herself with something new, so she decided to move to the Gold Coast to study English in 2017. After completing an 8 month English course, she wasn’t completely satisfied with the life in Australia, as she couldn’t seem to get any retail jobs on the Gold Coast. There were no chances to apply her skills and the study she had completed in her real life.  

After receiving an email from iDA Japan, who were looking for candidates to work in Australia, Yuri applied for the program. Once she passed an English test checked by iDA, Yuri had a Skype interview with the manager at the Helen Kaminski Sydney store. She researched in advance and practiced a lot. Due to her effort, she got the job! She received positive reviews from the manager in terms of her experience, her attitude and her English level. She was really excited to join the project to build her career in Australia.

Once she started working at Helen Kaminski in Sydney, she was surprised that the Australian customer service was completely different from the Japanese way. She witnessed many Japanese tourists at the store, so she applied Japanese hospitality when she served Japanese customers and applied Australian way to other customers. Her attitude is always Japanese style such as punctual, hard-working and polite. After a few months, she has been highly evaluated by the store manager and all of other staff members, which lead them to extending her contract for 3 more months!

The following is Yuri’s interview, where she talked about her experience;

“Firstly thank you so much for giving me such a great opportunity. The whole experience has allowed me to grow a lot. I couldn’t be happier that I work at Helen Kaminski in Sydney!

I became confident around dealing with customers from all over the world. And now I know Australian culture and fashion. I would like to contribute to both the Japanese fashion industry and the Australian fashion industry in the future by making use of this experience. To begin with, I want to learn more about fashion management. I am especially interested in staff education and trainings for growing high skilled global talents!

My plan after going back to Japan is to get a manager job through iDA Japan, and build my career in the fashion industry!”


To find out more about IDA’s recruitment project and whether you can be involved as a retailer, reach out to Sayoko Hiruma (Manager at iDA Australia) at hiruma@wmh.co.jp.

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