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Edit Collection x Esse Studios
Open 26th July, 2022

The Australian Fashion Council, Afterpay and Vicinity Centres, have partnered to launch Edit Collection, the ‘concept store of the future.’ This experiential retail space will host four of Australia’s top emerging brands, leveraging new technologies to drive omni-channel strategies that truly take advantage of physical retailing.
Bondi Born, My General Store, First Nations Fashion & Design collective and Esse Studios, were selected for Edit Collection based on the criteria of sustainability, mindful creativity, innovation, diversity and inclusivity, as well as their ability to celebrate Australian fashion and culture.
Surviving through numerous waves of restrictions and lockdowns since early 2020, the already fractured Australian-made fashion and textiles industry has shown Aussie-battler endurance. In a trifecta effort to champion Australia’s fashion brands, Afterpay, Vicinity and the AFC have been able to provide an invaluable opportunity to four brands; a fully operational and retail ready store, complete with marketing, mentoring and a host of new technology that leverages offline presence to drive brand connection and ultimately sales.
While each brand will corral its people, product and POS for the concept store, a wealth of mentoring opportunities and support is also provided; The AFC will connect experts in brand, merchandising and human resourcing, Vicinity Centres will bring marketing prowess and retail analytics, and Afterpay will provide data driven strategy, PR, marketing and experiential connection with the future of retail technology.
Emerging on a rotating eight week roster in a 120 square metre retail space located at (premium Vicinity Centre) Chatswood Chase Sydney, the minimalist and futuristic space will allow each brand to shine, leaning on latest fashion technology to revitalise and elevate retail like never before. While product remains the hero, technology will drive engagement with shoppable change room mirrors, gesture controlled screens that create brand immersion, a digital assistant to shoot and share selfies, and RFID that will immediately deliver data on most engaged, most tried and most sold pieces to the business.
The store is designed by Sydney based Designer and Art Director, Kyle Jonsson, and will be fitted out with fully recyclable hangers crafted from upcycled ​​marine plastics, ocean bound plastics and post-consumer plastics courtesy of Arch & Hook. Further education resources for brands are supported by experts in the field such as UMENCO for Human Resources and Smart in Planning for Merchandising expertise.
With Australian fashion more relevant and important than ever, Edit Collection will be the success that emerging Australian brands need to thrive.

Shop L131, Level 1, Chatswood Chase, 345 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067

Edit Collection presented by
Past brands:

First Nations Fashion + Design

First Nations Fashion & Design (FNFD) are a national voice representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members. Supporting the growth of First Nations businesses, FNFD will present a collective of designers providing them with growth opportunities, skill development, mentorship and industry engagement.

May 2022

My General Store

Founder Michelle Glew-Ross launched My General Store in 2016 with a focus on quality, craft and sustainability. All fabrics are sourced ethically from around the world with a focus on natural fibres and sustainable production. Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, by a team of local craftspeople.

February 2022

Bondi Born

Bondi Born are inspired by contemporary Australian style and a passion for excellence. Being a majority female owned and run business based in Sydney, founders Dale McCarthy and Creative Director Karla Clarke create elegant, sophisticated swimwear & apparel using only the finest quality fabrics and premium local craftsmanship.

February 2022

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