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We’d like to draw your attention to some of the great organisations, individuals, events and resources actively working to build opportunities for, and showcase the talents of, Australia’s First Nations people in the fashion industry...

Feature image; 2019 From Country to Couture, Julie Shaw, MAARA Collective x Bula'bula Aboriginal Arts Corporation, MAARA Collection. Photo by Dylan Bucke.

by The AFC

13 July 2020

We’d like to draw your attention to…

Some more great events and resources, organisations and individuals working through fashion toward social change.


Clothing the Gap

Clothing The Gap is a Victorian Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise, a fresh and dynamic fashion label managed by health professionals that celebrates Aboriginal people and culture. Clothing The Gap unites non-Indigenous and Aboriginal people through fashion and causes, one of which is to help Close the Gap, with 100% of profits actively supporting Aboriginal health promotion and education programs throughout Victoria.


Gammin Threads


The Social Studio


Marnin Studio, Design Within Country

We will be updating this page and welcome you to send us additional links that you’d like us to share to

AFC are acutely aware of the lack of representative diversity and inclusion in our Fashion industry at so many levels. We ask for your patience while we take responsibility for broadening our understanding, engage further with our industry’s rich and culturally diverse community and continue on this pathway to build a plan of action worthy of this critical cause.

- Leila Naja Hibri, CEO, Australian Fashion Council

This blog’s feature image is from the 2019 Country to Couture runway, featuring work by Julie Shaw, MAARA Collective x Bula'bula Aboriginal Arts Corporation, MAARA Collection. The photo is by Dylan Buckee. You can find more imagery from the event HERE >>

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