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Meet neuno & Ponz Studio | Tech partners for the 2022 AFC FashTech Lab

Meet AFC FashTech Lab Technology brands neuno & Ponz Studio, who throughout the program's duration will be guiding the nine fashion businesses through every step of their digital sampling strategies and workflows.

by The AFC

18 May 2022

The challenges faced by today’s fashion brands are many and well documented. However, new technologies offer workflows that can significantly improve a brands bottom line, time-to-market and environmental footprint. Implementing a 3D design workflow, especially when integrated with traditional ones, represents one of the best opportunities for brands to be able to revolutionise their product development and sampling process.


The purpose of the AFC FashTech Lab is to present and trial 3D design workflows where participating fashion businesses can discover the benefits and reach new potentials within their supply chain in a frictionless and cost effective way. Meet the AFC FashTech Lab Technology brands, who throughout the program's duration will be guiding the nine fashion businesses through every step of their digital sampling strategies and workflows.

​​A marketplace for authentic luxury fashion NFT and digital wearables; a new way to buy, trade and consume.

Q1. ‘Building a Wardrobe for the Metaverse’ - Can you break down the Neuno marketplace and how ownership works within digital fashion?

Neuno is a fashion tech company that collaborates with luxury fashion brands to create NFT’s of physical clothing/fashion items to then sell and distribute on our marketplace. Our consumers can purchase our collaboration drops from our marketplace and use the NFT’s they minted as digital wearables in various metaverses. We want to be your one-stop-shop for getting dressed and looking your best for the metaverse.

Holding a neuCard NFT grants you a spot in the exclusive world of neubians. That means you can be part of the digital wearable revolution to sweep over the fashion industry. Neuno ecosystem will bring established brands and their NFT drops to life and as a neuCard holder you are eligible to access those limited drops before anyone else.

Q2. How do you see digital/NFT fashion evolving over the next 10 years?

Over the next 10 years we hope that your digital life will be more important than ever. One of the ways you express yourself in the real world is through fashion and the clothes that you put on everyday. We want you to be able to express yourself in the same way digitally. That means purchasing digital wearables and showing off your outfits that you have collected in the metaverse. In the digital world/metaverse you are reborn again to be whoever you want to be. With digital wearables becoming more unique every day the possibilities are endless to try on variations of digital wearables combinations. We also feel that most luxury fashion brands would want to also display their work in the digital world as there is a whole new set of eyes there.

Ponz Studio
Ponz Studio, offering digital design services specific for the fashion industry thanks to a consolidated experience in the field and a solid 3D know-how.

Q1. Can you explain your favourite part of the digital design process?

I enjoy crafting all the details tha bring a digital garment to life. Working on the fabric look and refining the draping, adding trims, topstitches and labels and all those small aspects that enhance the realism of the product once completed. A very important aspect of my work is also setting up the right lighting to then render the final images or videos (as you would do in a “real” studio).

Q2. Why should digital design become the new normal when it comes to the development stage of product design?

I think the digital workflow really completes and refines the traditional one. Switching development tasks to digital will make them more efficient and sustainable, allowing designers to give time and resources to creative tasks that are sometimes given too little time.

To find out more about the AFC FashTech Lab head to the program page on the AFC website.

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