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Meet UMENCO | A leading human resources agency specialising in recruitment, executive search, headhunting and career coaching.

by The AFC

30 June 2021

UMENCO is a leading human resources agency specialising in recruitment, executive search, headhunting and career coaching. We recruit for roles across a broad range of disciplines within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries including: design, production, finance, buying, marketing, PR & communications, HR, technology and all channels of sales including e-commerce, retail and wholesale.

We are equally committed to helping brands build their dream teams, and to supporting individuals to achieve their career aspirations.

Led by Director Angela Briggs, the UMENCO team delivers outstanding recruitment experiences that cultivate meaningful, enduring relationships with the clients and talent that we represent.

Empathy, thought-leadership and philanthropy are at the forefront of our brand values and people sit at the heart of everything we do.



We work closely with our partners in the Australian fashion & textile industry to co-create impactful people strategies, lead organisational development, and source and secure the best talent from the local and global market for each role. We believe in cultivating equitable, fair and inclusive workplaces where organisations and their talent can thrive, and we work to ensure this is reflected across the Australian fashion & textile industry.

Our commitment to people is also manifest in our longstanding philanthropic partnership with Giant Steps—a not-for-profit organisation that educates and empowers young people with autism to help them reach their full potential. Angela’s son Thomas is a student at the Giant Steps school, and thrives within their rich learning programs and progressive curriculum. The opportunity to attend Giant Steps has changed his life.

UMENCO proudly supports Giant Steps by raising funds and awareness through dedicated events, collaborations with leading Australian brands, and initiatives including Project You: a not-for-profit career coaching service; and Project U, ME, ’n CO: a not-for-profit industry initiative providing HR advisory and recruitment to brands in the Australian fashion industry that champion responsible practices.

As UMENCO grows, so too does our resolve to provide equal opportunity for all, and to give back. Looking ahead, we are developing projects with partner brands to elevate the voices of differently-abled bodied/special needs individuals across the fashion industry, and to expand the products, services and events available to this community.


AFC Member Offer

In keeping with this vision, we are delighted to partner with the Australian Fashion Council to extend an opportunity to recruit one role per business to the following candidates:

●  Two Indigenous designers, whose businesses foreground responsible design practices.

●  Any AFC members who are special needs or differently-abled body clothing providers.

●  Any AFC members who are demonstrably working towards creating a range of accessible clothing for special needs or differently-abled bodied individuals.

In duality with this offer, we are also providing AFC members with a 20% reduced rate on the recruitment of roles through UMENCO.


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