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Meet Whispli

This month we caught up with Sylvain Mansotte, CEO & Co-Founder of Whispli, an award-winning whistleblowing platform.

by The AFC

24 June 2021


Tell us about yourself and Whispli.

My name is Sylvain Mansotte, I'm the CEO and co-founder of Whispli. Whispli is an Australian company, headquartered in Sydney whose mission is to enable trusted conversations. We are the leading platform to engage anonymously with your employees, whether for compliance, HR, or culture purposes. 

We offer 2 solutions: Whispli Core, our award-winning whistleblowing platform, and Whispli Pulse, an employee engagement survey platform that allows you to start anonymous follow-up conversations with your workforce. Whispli was born from my experience as a whistleblower.


How did you get started in the whistleblowing industry?

Back in 2012, I received a call from the newly appointed Chief Procurement Officer of a large Australian-based company to assist in building a new function. I jumped at the opportunity, and one of my first priorities was to understand my new employer's third-party spend profile.

Within 2 months, I had uncovered a $20M fraud that spanned 12 years and led to the perpetrator – a finance executive with 30 years of experience in the company – admitting to the crime and ultimately being sentenced to 15 years in prison. Although I was promoted, I couldn't stop thinking how my experience as a whistleblower could have been better.

I was initially reluctant to approach any of my colleagues and did not feel confident speaking to the third-party organisation appointed by the company because it would compromise the anonymity I felt necessary. 

In 2015, I left the company, and decided to build a solution to take away the fear, shame and guilt that people have when speaking up; that's how Whispli was born.



How does Whispli work with the Australian fashion & textile industry?

We are helping organisations of all types and sizes better engage with their employees, suppliers, and third-party workers. 

In the fashion and textile industry, it's common for a brand to work with tens or hundreds of different suppliers, and it's nearly impossible for them to be aware of what's going on inside each of these organisations. Whispli Core and Whispli Pulse can help you quickly deploy an engagement strategy across your supply chain to uncover hidden risks leveraging your best asset; the workers.


What are some key projects that Whispli are currently working on?

First of all, we are thrilled to partner with the Australian Fashion Council and to have the opportunity of raising awareness around employee engagement and whistleblowing with your members. Whispli Pulse is our latest product, and we see excellent results with retailers and supply chain auditors. 



What's next? Any exciting developments, collaborations, or events in the pipeline?

We are constantly organising new events, webinars and we have some pretty exciting collaborations in the works. The best way to stay up to date is to check our website or to follow us on Linkedin.


What are you offering to AFC Members, and how will this help their business?

Whispli offers an easy pathway for employees/contractors/suppliers to report any wrongdoings or engage in a difficult and courageous conversation. It will help AFC members detect the early signals on matters that could impact their employees morale & productivity as well as their organisation's brand, reputation, and bottom line. 
We're pleased to offer an additional 2 months free of charge on any of our packages for AFC members.



AFC Member Offer

Members can access the Whispli offer by logging into the Member Portal and navigating to the Member Perks page.

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