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Viktoria and Woods
AFC supports Yes with #FashionForYes
TOGETHER, WE CAN HELP MAKE HISTORY: This is our chance to ‘walk the talk’ and act on our industry’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.
18 September 2023
Progress Update: Seamless enters its transition phase
Seamless starts its transition phase and begins the journey to transform how clothing is made, used and recirculated in Australia to achieve clothing circularity by 2030.
14 September 2023
AFC Talks, Voice to Parliament
On October 14, Australians will be asked to vote Yes or No on a proposed law to enshrine an Indigenous representative body in the Constitution. The referendum on the #VoicetoParliament will provide a historic opportunity for Australians to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. The AFC invites our community […]
4 September 2023
Make fashion not waste with Circular Sourcing
Courtney Holm, AFC member and founder of ethical Melbourne-based fashion brand A.BCH, has launched a new platform called Circular Sourcing to help keep Australian surplus fabrics in use and out of landfill. 
15 August 2023
Roadmap to clothing circularity
The roadmap to clothing circularity is a guide to how our industry can transform from a linear clothing lifecycle - take, make and dispose – to a circular clothing lifecycle - reduce, reuse and recycle – by 2030.
15 June 2023
Meet the foundation members of Seamless
Some of Australia’s major fashion and clothing brands have committed to be foundation members of a national stewardship scheme, called Seamless, that aims to make Australian clothing truly circular.
15 June 2023
Seamless: a just transformation to clothing circularity
AFC CEO, Leila Naja Hibri, shares how collaboration, creativity and courage resulted in the design of Seamless, a scheme to guide the just transformation of the Australian clothing industry.
15 June 2023
Changing how we design, consume and recycle clothing
We’re answering your questions about the clothing stewardship scheme, Seamless, and how it will drive the industry towards clothing circularity by 2030.
14 June 2023
Minister Plibersek takes a stand against clothing waste
The Hon Tanya Plibersek, Minister for the Environment and Water, delivered an unforgettable speech at the launch of Seamless, the National Clothing Product Stewardship Scheme.
14 June 2023
Australian clothing industry launches roadmap to circularity
Some of Australia’s major fashion and clothing brands have committed to be foundation members of a national stewardship scheme that aims to make Australian fashion and clothing truly circular.
8 June 2023
Marianne Perkovic, Chair of AFC Board
Marianne Perkovic is the Chair of the AFC Board.
26 April 2023
Meet Nathan Mattock
Nathan Mattock is an AFC Board Member and a Partner at Marque Lawyers.
25 April 2023
Our transformation journey
Looking forward to the year ahead with AFC CEO, Leila Naja Hibri
2 March 2023
Transitioning from physical to digital sampling
AFC’s FashTech Lab helps Australian fashion brands transition from physical to digital sampling and the results from the first pilot program are in, with participants reducing sampling costs by 50% and sampling time from 12 weeks to just 4 weeks.
2 March 2023
Australian fashion industry to move towards circularity by 2030
The new National Clothing Product Stewardship Scheme aims to transform the way we make, consume and recycle clothing.
23 February 2023
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