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Example of embedded video


Video was added by simply typing the url into the editor eg.
Problems using this method: 640px is set as default width and cannot be changed. Not responsive!

Video was added by embedding the video using WordPress' default player by simply pressing the "Add Media" button and selecting the video from the Media Library.
Problems using this method: While you can specify the size of the video, it will not be responsive. So the video will blow out of smaller containers or if you resize your browser. Another issue is... the width of the video dictates the width of ALL content within the wysiwyg field. Being 1280px wide you can see the video has blown ALL content out of the main container.
This is an example of making the video a link that when clicked will play the video in a lightbox.

This is an example of using an image you can click to open the video in a lightbox. It will be responsive too... although not atm as the videos blowing out above are preventing this from resizing responsively. The drawback to this is... you will have to manually code this here for every video.

Could go here?

So the video fits into this container, I had to reduce the width of the video from 1280 to 480px.

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