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Sustainable fashion label A.BCH launches new ‘seasons’ to educate customers on the lifecycle of garments

Melbourne sustainable fashion label, A.BCH, has launched its new campaign - ‘Rituals of Care’ - as part of its new seasons calendar that reflects the lifecycle of garments.

by The AFC

4 November 2020

Melbourne sustainable fashion label, A.BCH, has launched its new campaign - ‘Rituals of Care’ - as part of its new seasons calendar that reflects the lifecycle of garments. 

WORDS & imagery | via    ABCH

WORDS & imagery | via ABCH

Replacing the four traditional seasons of spring, summer, winter and autumn, A.BCH will each year feature three seasons of a different kind - ‘Birth’, ‘Life’ and ‘Afterlife’ - to help educate people on how to buy, wear and discard clothing in a sustainable way. 

 The ‘Rituals of Care’ campaign falls under the brand’s ‘Life’ season which runs until the end of 2020, and through dynamic social content, will educate consumers on how to properly look after their clothing to prolong the lifespan of garments. 

A.BCH founder Courtney Holm says that the ‘Birth’ season will focus on the creation of garments, and the ‘Afterlife’ season will speak to how clothes can be recirculated in a sustainable way, at the end of their life span.


‘Traditional ‘seasons’ as a concept is a direct contradiction to our philosophy of slow fashion, which is why we’ve never had them. All of our pieces are designed to be worn all year long, and not date. But we thought why not flip the concept and create our own ‘seasons’ as a way to educate people about the role they play in sustainability and how to get the most out of their garments,’ said Holm.

 ‘We’re running this ‘Rituals of Care’ campaign because we know that how clothing is looked after is key to how long it lasts, and therefore ensures it has a more positive impact on our world. While it seems a little elementary to be teaching people how to care for clothing, so many people say to us that they’ve accidentally ruined items through how they wash, treat or dry their clothes.’ 

 When a customer purchases an A.BCH garment online, they are immediately sent a comprehensive ‘Care Guide’ that explains how to get the most out of the garment that they just purchased. A.BCH also offers free repairs for all its garments, with an unlimited time period.  

All A.BCH garments are handmade in Melbourne, Australia from ethically-sourced, locally manufactured organic fibres that are recyclable and compostable after use. 

Copy & Imagery courtesy of A.BCH

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