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Watch the final Knowledge Exchange Session of the AFC FashTech Lab

Fashion brands Bianca Spender, Matteau and Palasade were excited to continue on their digital sampling journey post program, reflecting on the benefits of adopting the workflow including improved time to market and achieving hyper-realistic, ready to sell digital samples.

by The AFC

21 June 2022

Thank you for joining us on Monday June 6th for the fourth and final AFC FashTech Lab Knowledge Exchange for 2022. The webinar hosted by our FashTech Project Manager Tracey Hamilton hosted our fashion and technology participants to reveal the final rendered digital samples they have been working on for the last six months along with their individual digital sampling journeys, time and cost saving and the fashion brands view on the longevity of digital solutions within their business.

The Avatars:
The session revealed that avatars, or ‘digital fit models,’ have a much greater chance of working for the brands if they start with clear measurements from the outset - Bianca Spender used the measurements from one of their actual fit models so they were able to approve the avatar straight away, making the creation process more time efficient.


The realism of digital fabrics:
Both Bianca Spender and Matteau were impressed at the level of detail achievable in their digitally rendered fabrics. Peta from Matteau reflected that the appearance of the digital fabrics was one of her strongest reservations before starting FashTech Labs, however she stated that the actual ‘weight, drape and movement’ of the digital fabrics was incredibly life-like. Bianca Spender noted the potential for digital samples to eliminate the issue of the 'hanger appeal' of many of their draped garments that are best viewed on the body.

Consensus of cost/time savings:
Matteau was amazed at the time, cost and fabric savings they gained due to the digital sampling workflow, noting how many physical samples they produce that never make it to production resulting in a lot of wasted fabric. With the digital workflow they can review, refine and select samples for their final collection, noting their time to market was also significantly reduced due to the digital sampling workflow.




Ready to adopt digital sampling into your business? The AFC will develop a business case to show the time, cost, textile and carbon outcomes of this pilot program to help more businesses understand and adopt this workflow.

Stay tuned for the incoming case studies that will deep dive into the environmental impact of the program and reveal exactly how much water, time and textile waste has been saved and the actual cost savings for the brand participants. We will share reflections from the brands on how they plan to integrate the 3D sampling workflow after emerging from FashTech Lab as well as debunk many of the common myths surrounding digital sampling. The case studies will also demonstrate the potential for the digital sampling workflow as a tool to assist brands in transitioning to 'made-to-order' selling models to further reduce textile waste.

Help us improve the next FashTech Lab by answering five quick and easy questions. As a viewer what did you find most interesting, what do you wish there was more of and what do you want to see in the next iteration of the program?


Thank you to our technology partners; Style Atlas, Bandicoot, CoutureCAD, Ponz Studio, Neuno and ORDRE; who have guided the brands along their digital sampling workflow journey.

A special thanks to UTS, IMCRC and participating brands Cue, Bianca Spender, Matteau, Daniel Avakian, Eupheme, Palasade, Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp and West 14th.

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