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AFC on WeChat


Social E-Commerce Solution Supporting Entry into the Chinese Market

AFC on WeChat, a program developed in collaboration with Gateway-O, is a full-service social e-commerce solution to assist brands enter the Chinese market.

In a rapidly changing world, brands need to consider alternative revenue channels for continued business and survival. While China continues to provide exciting opportunities and play a leading role in the global fashion industry, the market has proven extremely hard to crack for Australian brands.

Realising the complexity of the Chinese market and that traditional approaches are rarely successful, the AFC and Gateway O have developed an accessible and feasible approach for Australian fashion brands to enter the Chinese market via WeChat.

The AFC on WeChat page runs like a website within WeChat. Users can swipe up on their chats to quickly find miniprograms such as the multibrand AFC store. WeChat’s 1.2 billion monthly users makes this app unparalleled in its potential.

How it Works


WeChat allows brands to ‘chat’ directly with its followers. This is a powerful tool as it allows brands to share stories with an engaged audience. The Gateway-O team speaks directly with customers once a week on behalf of the brands and shares story content to build context around each brand.


‘Moments’ is the timeline feature which works similar to a Facebook feed. In this section WeChat provides advertising services similar to Facebook, which will be utilised by the Gateway-O team on behalf of each brand.

Brand Support

The Gateway-O team will:

  • Build your brand page within the AFC store
  • Set up your product pages
  • Keep all product info up to date
  • Manage all customer service for the AFC store.

Cross Border Payment Solution

No Chinese bank account is required. This cross border payment solution allows you to sell in chinese yuan and get paid in Australian dollars, in real time.

Kol Marketing

Market your label through Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) in China, which is the most effective way to reach your customer in China. KOL’s not only make your brand and product visible but they drive traffic and operate as a sales channel.

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