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Revealing the Future: Insights into Victoria's Clothing Manufacturing Sector

We’ll share never before seen data insights and discuss the future of clothing manufacturing in Victoria.

by Sarah McLean

28 February 2024

Join the Australian Fashion Council as we share never before seen data insights and discuss the future of clothing manufacturing in Victoria.

The AFC, thanks to PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival and Museums Victoria, presents ‘Beyond the Seams’ as part of their Fashion Talks series. We’ll be diving into the current state and future possibilities of clothing manufacturing in Victoria and revealing never before seen economic and environmental insights for the sector.

Led by AFC Chair Marianne Perkovic, our esteemed panel of industry experts, including Andrew Quinn, Director of ABMT Apparel, Craig Heckenberg, MD of Epson Australia, and Dr. Jenny Underwood, Associate Dean of Research and Innovation at RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles, will unveil transformative trends and innovative strategies from across the clothing value chain. These insights will highlight its future possibilities and its potential to emerge as a globally competitive sector.

Event Details

4:00 PM on Tuesday, March 5th. Treetops Melbourne Museum.


Introducing our Esteemed Speakers

Marianne Perkovic, AFC Chair

Marianne Perkovic brings deep commercial and technical experience across business strategy and execution to the Australian Fashion Council. Her strong financial management skills, coupled with a focus on change management and compliance make her a driving force for sustainable transformation with a positive environmental and social impact. Marianne is also the author of ‘Pivotal Career Moments’.

Andrew Quinn, Director of ABMT Apparel 

Andrew Quinn is a Director of ABMT Apparel, a fully vertical manufacturer based in Melbourne. ABMT Apparel manufactures clothing for a diverse range of Australian brands with a completely transparent supply chain audited by ISO, ACO, Woolmark, and Ethical Clothing Australia. With 15 years of experience overseeing local production, Andrew champions high-quality, environmentally responsible, and ethically sound fabrics and garments.

Craig Heckenberg, Managing Director of Epson Australia

With a robust background in leadership roles, Craig brings nearly three decades of experience in digital imaging to his current role as Managing Director of Epson Australia and New Zealand. Craig has demonstrated expertise in sales and marketing, playing a pivotal role in advancing both business and industry through the implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions. His unwavering commitment to innovation and strategic vision has been instrumental in successfully navigating the dynamic landscape of digital imaging for the past 30 years.

Dr Jenny Underwood, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation at RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles

Dr Jenny Underwood is the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, in the School of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT University. With over 15 years of experience as an educator and researcher, her research is concerned with methods for material circularity, responsible design innovation, and systems-based approaches to sustainability for fashion and textiles.


The AFC and Epson Australia have partnered on a study to explore the current state and future potential of clothing manufacturing, aiming to build a business case for increased investment to boost jobs and ‘right-shore’ select local manufacturing capabilities. The findings will be released in April.

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