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Flaunter Emerging Designer Showcase

Through the Emerging Designer showcase, Flaunter works with fashion schools across Australia to support final year design students in building their public profiles and showcasing their work to Australia’s expansive media network.  AFC were thrilled to once again be a guest judge for the Flaunter Emerging Designer Showcase! Here’s a look at the collections from our top 5.

by The AFC

28 January 2020

Meet our top 5 from Flaunter’s 2019 Emerging Designer Showcase!

AFC were thrilled to once again be a guest judge for the Flaunter Emerging Designer Showcase! Here’s a look at the collections from our top 5.

You can see our picks HERE and a number of other highlights selected by the likes of Anna Quan, Philippa Moroney, Caroline Tran, and Bianca O’Niell.


Syna Chen

RMIT | Master of Fashion (Design)

The Graduate Collection

I see fashion as a cultural translator and clothing as a universal language. I believe that clothing can communicate with any culture, even extraterrestrial and alien cultures. My graduate collection is about political fashion for alien visitors, creating inflatable clothing for a future political utopia. The collection takes place on Europa, bringing together inflatable technology in virtual (or imaginary) alien and human cultures. The collection shows my interest in breaking the boundaries between traditional fashion design and other fields and constantly challenging the possibilities of fashion design.

What’s next

I will give myself a year to sort out the new knowledge I gained in the course of my graduate studies. I will continue to learn, and this will be an endless journey in my life. I hope to work with more creative people in the future and come up with different ideas.


Be curious about the world. Be weird!


Jake Liu

RMIT | Master of Fashion (Design)

The Graduate Collection

After living in London, Shanghai and Melbourne for years, I reflecting upon the the fast, busy lifestyle of the city and I started the concept of my graduate collection by going on the street to observe and sketch how different backpacks, bags changing the proportion of their bodies, and how the functions can make people who live in the city having a simpler and more convenient and playful lifestyle. So I create the garments have backpacks on it and place them on different part of the body, deconstructing the tents make them wearable. So I made functional unisex-wear that challenging traditional sportswear fabrications by luxury fashion fabrics silk, tailoring materials, deformed shapes constructed by functional accessories through innovative shape making and fabric mixing inspired by deformed bodies, active-wear and cult film ‘The Holy Mountain’.

What’s next

I am going to show my masters collection for Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival National Graduate Showcase in March 2020, I hope there are more people could see my work and happy to meet and collaborate with other creatives in Australia. I am continuing this collection to design another capsule collection this year.


Focus on what you really want to achieve and work hard for it, the hard work will pay off. Trying to balance your health while hard working, that will help you a lot for your creations.


Domenic Roylance

UTS | Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles

THE Graduate Collection

For my honours collection at UTS, I followed my muse, the yiayia (the Greek word for grandmother) to her home country. I travelled to Cyprus and interviewed several yiayias about their lives and culture. I learned about the island’s history and ancient art, the folklore, the clothes, the food. I took thousands of pictures. My cultural and social exploration morphed into a bricolage of found items, images, sketches and written observations that informed the creation of my honours collection, To be buried in this. 

What’s next

I’m currently working as a sample room assistant at Zimmermann, where I am learning so much. It really is an amazing company. I also received the Australian Fashion Foundation scholarship in December, so this year I will be moving overseas for a placement with an American fashion brand.


Those long nights spent hunched over your sewing machine are worth it in the end, enjoy the process.


Megan Robotham

QUT | Bachelor of Design (Honours) – Fashion

the Graduate Collection

Created from the waste within my own day to day life, this collection is designed to make viewers think about their relationship with waste and the materials they subconsciously discard, in the hope of slowing down the rate of consumption. Comprising of faulty shower puffs, thrifted second-hand fabric, tent string, old paper clips, water bottle labels zips from faulty cushion cover, etc. nothing in this collection is brand new and nothing about it is perfect but together it resembles a new life for materials that otherwise would have ended up in landfill.

What’s next

Currently I am completing my final semester abroad in Canada and I hope to intern in either the United States or Europe at the conclusion of my studies in May. Overall big picture, I would love to work within a sustainable fashion house that pushes the boundaries with regards to their use and production of materials in the hope of creating a more circular economy.


In grade 9 I had a teacher explain to me that we grow into our roles, saying that whilst we may not feel comfortable at first, we will always find our place. Although this didn’t mean much to me at the time, over the last couple of years it has become quite influential. As, new, different or potentially out-there ideas/situations arise one can often feel isolated or alone, hence I find great comfort in this phrase which reminds me that as long as I have the passion and drive for what I am doing, I will always be able to find my place.

Portrait - Nan Lin.jpeg

Nan Lin

Whitehouse Melbourne | Bachelor of Design (Fashion)

the Graduate Collection

NUN - The feeling that the nun gives to people is chaste and sacred. The nun must have a holy heart, away from the emotional disputes in the world, the peach blossoms, the colourfulness of the world is synonymous with the world. When I think of the nun, my feeling is black and white and bound. The nun's costume is conservative, old-fashioned, like many girls, can't completely want to be yourself, can’t wear what they like, this is the pressure that society brings to these girls, I hope to use this concept to express break free. I want to use this concept to interpret the modern style and the nun's fashion. 

What’s next

I have graduated now, and after that I will work in Shanghai, China. I’m excited I’m going to the next stage of my life.


Being dedicated to hard work and being responsible for my own work is rewarding. 

Flaunter’s 2019 Emerging Australian Designer showcase

Through the Emerging Designer showcase, Flaunter works with fashion schools across Australia to support final year design students in building their public profiles and showcasing their work to Australia’s expansive media network. For journalists, stylists and the wider fashion industry, the campaign provides a unique opportunity to discover Australia’s most talented new designers in one central, online location.

Now in its fifth year, the digital showcase features collection imagery from 100 of the top final year students from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology [RMIT], TAFE Fashion Design StudioQueensland University of Technology [QUT], University of Technology, Sydney [UTS] and Whitehouse Institute of Design

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