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Have Your Say - Take the 'Rewiring the Australian Fashion Industry' Survey

Information collated will be kept strictly confidential, with results shaping the AFC’s strategy going forward around these issues, and providing valuable data to push for change in collaboration with other key industry stakeholders…

by The AFC

21 July 2020


The Australian Fashion Council (AFC) invites you to take part in our latest stakeholder survey; ‘Rewiring the Australian Fashion Industry’. 

Prompted by the recent Rewiring Fashion proposal that was facilitated by The Business of Fashion, the survey from AFC seeks to provide a clear understanding of the key trade calendar timings for Australian fashion brands, the barriers to and the opportunities for change. 

Rewiring Fashion calls for the global industry to rethink how the fashion industry operates. Many points raised in the proposal align with sentiment that we are hearing from our AFC members and broader community.

“...we find ourselves facing a fashion system that is less and less conducive to genuine creativity and ultimately serves the interests of nobody: not designers, not retailers, not customers — and not even our planet. It’s time to slow down and rediscover the storytelling and magic of fashion.”

This AFC survey is structured around the three practical issues outlined in Rewiring Fashion, and asks you to consider each in relation to your own business operations; 

(1) a fashion calendar that is out of sync with the end customer, unsustainable for industry professionals and damaging for sales; 

(2) a fashion show format that is outmoded; and 

(3) an addiction to discounts that trains shoppers to expect perennial markdowns, eroding profitability and brand equity for everyone along the value chain.

The survey is directed to Australian fashion industry stakeholders including but not exclusive to; brands, designers, retailers and buyers. 

Information collated will be kept strictly confidential, with results shaping the AFC’s strategy going forward around these issues, and providing valuable data to push for change in collaboration with other key industry stakeholders.

Your time here is greatly appreciated. Please note that we have extended the Survey deadline to close EOD Friday 24 July 2020.

The AFC Team

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