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Local Jobs First Commissioner Update for Victorian TCF

Don Matthews, the Local Jobs First Commissioner recently hosted a Local Jobs First forum looking at the TCF sector. See the summary, as well as a resource outlining what Government support is available for Victorian Businesses at this time.

by The AFC

31 August 2020

Victorian Local Jobs First Update for TCF

To better understand the issues currently being faced by the TCF industry, the Local Jobs First Commissioner, Don Matthews, hosted a ‘virtual’ roundtable on Thursday, 6th August 2020.

See the summary document HERE.

Government Support for Victorian TCF Businesses

The Business Investment and Engagement Branch of Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions have representatives that help companies to grow in Victoria. They engage with companies directly:

- Major Corporates to medium size growth companies;
- Confidential discussions about strategic and business growth plans

Find more detail and information HERE.

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