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Meet Olvera Advisors

Meet Lucy Vecchio, Principal of boutique Sydney-based consultancy company Olvera Advisors that helps organisations reset and grow.

by The AFC

5 July 2021

Tell us about you & Olvera?

Olvera Advisors is a boutique Sydney-based consultancy that helps organisations reset and grow. A big part of what we do is partnering with SMEs to define key issues they’re facing and identify practical solutions. We assist business owners take control of each phase of the business life-cycle, whether that’s expansion and growth, transformation, or winding down.


Tell us a little about your industry background and what brought you to working in your industry?

I actually started out as a solicitor practicing in commercial and insolvency litigation before being appointed licensee for Giorgio Armani in Melbourne where I operated the brand’s flagship CBD store. After moving to Sydney, I shifted to the advisory side of things and today at Olvera I work across business restructuring, strategy and advisory.


How does Olvera work with the Australian fashion & textile industry?

I’m lucky to have an in-depth understanding and experience of the fashion industry as well as law and accounting, which gives me unique insight when working with clients in the fashion and textile industry. This has enabled me to forge great relationships with many Australian fashion brands and assist them with issues ranging from strategic planning and finance solutions to shareholder disputes, buyouts and formal insolvency arrangements.


What are some key projects you are working on that you would like to highlight to the AFC community?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, we’ve partnered with a number of fashion brands to help them adapt to today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. The pandemic has impacted all businesses in some way but the fashion and textile industry has faced its own specific challenges and we’ve been privileged over the past 12 months to assist many firms in the sector to navigate successfully this period of unprecedented disruption.


What is next? Any exciting developments, collaborations or events in the pipeline?

We’re very excited about a new collaboration with AFC. Olvera is launching a 12-month program for AFC members giving them a toolkit that equips them with business fundamentals and a pathway to success in the fashion and textiles sector. It covers common challenges like establishing a business, how to obtain clients, buying out or buying in a partner, and a roadmap on how to grow and sustain your business over the long term.


AFC Members offer

Olvera’s offer gives AFC members a two-hour free consultation with one of our expert teams. In the consultation, we get the chance to discuss with members their business challenges and potential solutions. Every consultation is tailored to specific members’ needs so we can start to chart an individual path forward based on where they are on their business journey.

AFC members can access this exclusive offer through the Member Perks page.


Olvera Advisor's website


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