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Red Wagon Workplace Solutions provides straight-talking HR advice to businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries; bringing laser sharp vision and expertise into your organisation to mitigate your risks and address any underlying challenges.

Independent, with an objective opinion, Red Wagon Workplace Solutions bring a fresh dose of reality and guidance, to offer a truly reflective vision of the shape of your business and its people. We’re experts in piecing together pieces of the HR puzzle to create a polished solution, offering services in:

- Complaints Handling

- HR Advisory Services

- HR Investigations

- HR Strategies, Reviews and Coaching

- Industrial Relations (IR) Function Audits

- Restructure/Redesign Advisory

- Enterprise Bargaining 

- Workplace Sexual Harassment Audit

Red Wagon Workplace Solutions are offering 10% off diagnostic audits and complaints management subscription + complementary general HR consult (30 min).

To access this offer, please email Red Wagon Workplace Solutions at

Offer expiry: May 27, 2022

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