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Melbourne-based fashion consultancy, Fashion Equipped are the masterminds behind the ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ (SYFB) online learning programme, designed to equip upcoming fashion business owners with the skills to successfully launch and run their own fashion business. Fashion Equipped have a series of exclusive offers for AFC and Curated members…

by The AFC

6 May 2019

Fashion Equipped | Opportunity for AFC Members

Melbourne-based consultancy agency Fashion Equipped, are passionate about empowering the next generation of up-and-coming fashion business owners with the skills, creativity and confidence to succeed in an ever-competitive fashion industry…

Fashion Equipped offer a range of services including Consulting and Workshops, but are perhaps best known for their renowned Start Your Fashion Business (SYFB) Programme. Their founder Elizabeth Formosa is also one of our AFC Curated Mentors, and brings a wealth of industry experience. To celebrate the ongoing collaboration, Fashion Equipped have a series of offers just for our AFC members!


What is SYFB?

Start Your Fashion Business, or ‘SYFB’, is a leading online education programme, designed to empower fashion business owners to build and run a successful and forward-thinking fashion business in ‘REAL TIME’.  Whether our clients are just starting out with an idea, or already in full swing and trading, the SYFB programme is perfectly suited to all fashion business owners at whatever stage they’re at in their business journey. SYFB consists of a wealth of online learning materials including video guided tutorials, strategic action plans and ‘done for you’ tools and templates that can be accessed anywhere at any time.  Members are able to complete the ten module materials at their own pace and convenience. The programme can be completed in anywhere between 12 weeks to 12 months, and the ‘evergreen’ model means you can start at any time.

Possibly one of the most beneficial elements of SYFB is its tight-knit community of members and professionals. Upon enrolment, access is granted to an exclusive Facebook group which connects our members past and present, and opens up a network of like-minded people who all want to learn and support each other’s journeys. Periodical ‘Coaching Calls’ are a valuable part of the learning experience and are an important way for fellow learners to share and workshop their ideas, building lasting relationships and professional connections and encouraging collaborations along the way.

The testimonials received for the SYFB Programme and One to One Consulting have confirmed to Elizabeth and the Fashion Equipped team why they do what they do! We are fortunate that our Fashion Equipped clients are generous with their feedback and have said that engaging in consultancy and online learning was the best thing they’ve ever done for their business.  With the experience opening doors, breaking down barriers, overcoming challenges, providing upskilling and bringing motivation to keep moving and improving.  Ultimately fostering business GROWTH.



Fashion Equipped has also recently announced a new membership offering featuring access to the world’s leading trend forecasting platform, WGSN. The SYFB Premium membership is designed to deliver the entire package for up-and-coming fashion business owners, offering the full SYFB learning experience, as well as access to WGSN to inspire creativity and keep in touch with current and upcoming trends.

SYFB + WGSN is the ultimate offering for anyone looking to fast track their fashion business from an idea to reality, and until now, WGSN has been out of reach for many aspiring fashion business owners. Elizabeth has been a tenacious advocate of WGSN and is extremely proud to bring this incredible offering to our SYFB Premium members who are all are raving about the ways accessing WGSN has enriched their learning experience and enhanced the development of their business.


Exclusive AFC Offers

To celebrate the ongoing collaboration, Fashion Equipped have a series of exclusive offers for our AFC members!



This is an unmissable opportunity for you to connect with Elizabeth and share your fashion business journey with her - whatever stage you may be at! On this free 15-minute call, you and Elizabeth will establish:

  • Where you are now

  • Where you want to be

  • How Fashion Equipped can help you get there

  • Any questions you have about our SYFB Programme or 1:1 Consultancy

Follow this link to view available times, and be sure to take up this offer if you’re interested in Fashion Equipped’s Consultancy or SYFB services. It’s a fantastic introduction and in just 15 minutes, you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two from the best in the biz!



View the membership options here, and email to receive your discount code for the promotion! This will bring the Pro membership down to $1,697 AUD and the Premium membership (with WGSN access) down to $2,697. Get in quick to access this exclusive offer!



To celebrate their involvement in the AFC Curated program, Fashion Equipped are offering an even BIGGER discount. That will bring the SYFB Pro membership down to $1,497 and SYFB Premium down to $2,497. View the membership options here, and email to receive your discount code for the promotion!

By combining and embracing AFC Curated, SYFB + WGSN and you will not only have access to world-class mentoring, resources and global tools, but your fashion business results will increase exponentially. 



Let’s make the fashion business, YOUR business!

Whether you jump onto a Discovery Calls, or begin your SYFB journey with one of the SYFB promotions, Fashion Equipped are so excited to meet some new designers, creatives and fashion entrepreneurs and hear all about your business goals.

If you’d like to learn more about these promotions or Fashion Equipped’s services, get in touch with Elizabeth at or visit their website below.

You can also follow Fashion Equipped on Instagram and Facebook for inspo and updates!

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