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The Future of Fashion | Tech Accelerating Change

Discover the businesses that are leading the way in the fashion technology and innovation space.

by The AFC

7 December 2020


The Future of Fashion

Over the last few months the AFC team have been in talks with businesses that are leading the way in the fashion tech and innovation space — businesses that are working on advanced solutions to enable fashion businesses to reduce waste, increase supply chain transparency, streamline supply chain operations and enhance the customer experience.


We’d like to draw your attention to these tech business as resources:

The Retail Revolution

Analyticalways has an in-depth knowledge of retail and set out to make it simpler and more productive. They have developed a SaaS solution which integrates Machine Learning with continuous innovation. The Analyticalways end-to-end solution, which includes Pre-Season, In-Season and Point of Sale Management, is designed for efficiency and ease of use.

The predictive algorithms based on AI help Retailers to pin down both the assortment and level of their ideal stock. With one clear objective: increase efficiency by reducing overstocks and averting lost sales from stock outages. Each day, our solution gives Retailers suggestions for the right stocks at each store, and build a strategic route to improving their KPIs.

The Analyticalways Retail Consultants advise Retailers to maximize efficiency in terms of management and planning. It is not only about having the right technology, it is also about having the best method to use it. The consultants have a profound understanding of the industry and its specific needs. They work directly with the clients to make their day-to-day management enjoyable, providing tactics and ideas for them to reach the maximum performance.  It’s not just a case of having the right tool, but having the best method to use it too. Speed, Specialization in Retail, Technology and Teamwork is the formula for success at Analyticalways.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on UnsplashPhoto by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

Bring your online materials to life

Bandicoot’s mission is to help the fashion industry show how fabrics and materials really look online. By adding a Bandicoot Shimmer View to a website, fashion retailers can provide a rich experience of the colour, texture and gloss of their materials. Viewers can see how the light plays on the material as they tilt their phone or move their mouse.

Bandicoot has created this technology to increase online engagement and conversions, and to address the pressing problem of online returns. One of the top reasons items are returned is because they “looked different” than the photos on the website. Retailers can use Shimmer View to help bridge the digital appearance gap and give online shoppers increased confidence in their purchase.

A Shimmer View can be created in a few moments by taking photos using a handheld camera and then uploading the photos to Bandicoot. After processing in the cloud, a Shimmer View is created which can be added to any website.

Shimmer Views can be used throughout the fashion supply chain. Textile mills can create digital twins of their fabrics which designers can use for selecting materials and for 3D fashion design. Brands can use digital swatches to showcase their collections online to retailers across the globe. Brands can also create augmented reality experiences for consumers with authentic material appearance.

Image via 3D RobeImage via 3D Robe

Image via 3D Robe

Digital fashion advisors

We are Digital Fashion Advisors and a 3D Design Studio. As experts in fashion technology we can help convert your design vision into a digital reality. We create high quality photo / lifelike 3D renders and virtual versions of your garments. We have a suite of services to offer depending on your brand needs - everything from fit avatars, to replica garments to digital material libraries to custom animations, campaigns and interactive experiences to gaming skins. Power virtual worlds, shops, utilise AR. VR, enhance online, social media and ecommerce experiences... with filters, try ons, 360 views....

We create a tailored approach to each of our clients with consideration of their workflows and end use cases.

Ask not what 3D can do for you, but what you can do with 3D.

Image via Tec.fitImage via

Image via


Providing the most important dataset for your brand’s digital future

Tec.Fit has developed groundbreaking 3D body scanning and sizing technologies for the retail and health sectors. Tec.Fit's technology provides easy, quick in-store body scanning as well as mobile phone 3D body scanning capabilities. Significant body scan data is captured in order to provide instant scan to size matches for any product in your range; this is achieved by matching clothing measurements or a pattern to your customers measurements and shape. The body scan gathers a wealth of additional segmentation data on your customer allowing more tailored future communications. Tec.Fit's platform integrates with existing CRM's and stores data outputs alongside customer purchase history / your existing CRM. Tec.Fit provides the ultimate gateway to a frictionless omnichannel customer experience.

Image via Style AtlasImage via Style Atlas

Image via Style Atlas

Fashion Reimagined

Our objective is to develop solutions to help the fashion industry transition from the broken, inventory led, mass production model of the 20th century to a highly distributed, locally made, on-demand model. One that is both agile enough to keep up with the demands of the modern fashion consumer and sustainable, both from an environmental and commercial perspective.

To help the fashion industry make fundamental changes we have developed solutions that address some of the biggest challenges brands face right now, on both the sales side and the development side of their businesses.

On the development side we have Quadrant - A product development platform for high growth fashion brands.  Think of Quadrant like, “Shopify for Fashion Makers”.

On the sales side we have Compass - A Next generation online fitting solution for clothing and footwear. Allowing shoppers to know how the fashion they browse online will fit prior to purchase.


Image via Rntr.Image via Rntr.


Image via Rntr.

Be where the world is going

Rntr. is a software and logistics partner that enables brands to offer rental and subscription service directly to their consumer from their own Ecommerce website. From software integration, warehousing, dry cleaning to pick, pack, and post. We combined user-led design technology to improve the user experience followed by seamless logistics to deliver the service which allows brands to engage deeper and increase the total brand spending in a more sustainable way. We introduce an all-in-one plug and play solution for brands to add a long-term second revenue stream. As consumers rethink their shopping habits and how they use their wardrobes, we have a responsibility to encourage and give them an alternative route to continually refresh their outfits while making a solid commitment to the planet by reducing fashion waste on both ends.

Sass and Bide Launch with Pop Up On DemandSass and Bide Launch with Pop Up On Demand

Sass and Bide Launch with Pop Up On Demand

Digital windows

PopUp Digital is an innovative Australian business that has developed a ’turnkey’, fully fitted solution to create eye catching and engaging digital windows, using content already created but perhaps not amplified as the technology has been too expensive?

We started this business as a means to try and reduce the amount of disposable POS going into landfill and also creating a solution that was more compelling, and better value than a large TV monitor, stuck in the window and blocking the store.

We have a unique and licensed solution that we are now rolling out. We mount a clear film onto store windows, install a projector and our content management system into the roof, and play your content immediately onto your windows, as clear as a digital TV, and when the projector is turned off, the window is clear again and the beautiful store is visible. Magic!


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