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We the Makers Designer Showcase 2020 Winners Announced!

The National Wool Museum are pleased to announce the We The Makers 2020 Winners!

by The AFC

13 July 2020

We the Makers Designer Showcase 2020 Winners Announced!

The National Wool Museum are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 We The Makers Designer Showcase; Rebecca Gully and Rowena, Juliana and Angela Foong X Uon, alongside the recipient of the ‘Highly Commended Local Maker’ award, Courtney Holm.

The winners were selected from 21 incredible finalist, by a panel of judges including Kiri Delly - Senior Manager for College of Design & Social Context from RMIT, Kirri-Mae Sampson - Senior Project Manager at AFC, and emerging designer and artist Paul McCann.

Congratulations to all involved!

We the Makers is a new biennial design festival from the National Wool Museum showcasing the work of artists, designers and makers. The 2020 Designer Showcase, features the work of 21 professional and emerging fashion designers from across Australia and around the world. Designers were called upon to design a look that responded to the festival theme – Design for the future: sustainable and ethical textiles and fashion.


The prize of $10,000 was shared between two winners...




Neutron Dance; What to wear to the disco apocalypse – survival of the hottest.

What to wear for the disco apocalypse? Rebecca Gully has something in mind, working with innovative, sustainable performance driven textiles; Meryl® Creora Neoprene, and 100% recycled woven nylon made by Hyosung.

Gully’s sustainable concepts and processes involve creating a modular outfits that can be worn in multiple ways to add value, longevity and to reduce disposability. This is met with minimal waste cutting, adjustable and detachable elements with accessible silhouettes that move beyond size and age.

The judges were drawn to the technical difference of the work, and commended the innovative technologies behind how the outfit was crafted to bring to life sustainable performance fabrics. Sustainable does not have to mean neutral or bland - certainly, a design for the future!



Newcastle, NSW


Six Seasons

High Tea with Mrs Woo (the three sisters’ label) is all about slow fashion and designing for an uncertain future.

The ‘Six Seasons’ look is grounded in the desire to create environmentally sustainable garments that inclusively fit a range of body shapes, are gender neutral, and flexible to adapt to changing climate conditions.

The judges applauded the zero waste pattern techniques, natural fabrics, gender-neutral inclusivity and design philosophy to lengthen the life by being able to mix and match between the garments.


In response to COVID-19 the judges also awarded a Highly Commended Local Maker prize of $2,000 to…



Geelong, VIC



Salvage is the title of this look from the Future Classic collection and is made entirely from pre-existing materials. With materiality as the muse, Future Classic is a bold expression of zero waste techniques and resourcefulness in both detail and silhouette.

Creative Director and Founder of A.BCH, Courtney Holm is merging creative practice with complex issues, like planetary boundaries and addressing inequality. With a focus on innovative problem solving through making, circular systems thinking is applied to each garment to both educate and inspire.

Each piece looks at waste in a new light, with a focus on end of life, craftsmanship and longevity of style and functionality.

The judges commended Courtney’s consideration of the full lifecycle – from the first thought that is conceived to wearing the item and even into disposal. A smart and approachable design certain to take us into the future.



You can now EXPLORE THE COLLECTION virtually, or see the exhibition in person at the National Wool Museum, form the 27 June to 22 November 2020.


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