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Creating a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace | Red Wagon

Positive workplace culture ensures that your employees are safe and supported in a workplace that does not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination.

by The AFC

11 October 2021

AFC Affiliate partner, Red Wagon Workplace Solutions have created this Workplace Self Assessment Toolkit to help you create a safe and respectful workplace and improve workplace culture.

Positive workplace culture ensures that your employees are safe and supported in a workplace that does not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination. In 2018, sexual harassment at work, for example, was estimated to cost Australian businesses $3.8 billion through staff turnover and loss of productivity. It is in the best interests of your employees, and the organisation, to impart a positive workplace culture.

This toolkit not only highlights whether improvements to a workplace culture need to be made but also maps out workable solutions to create a positive working environment.

AFC Members can access the toolkit here.

While it’s suitable for most workplaces, contact Red Wagon for further tailored advice.

How can businesses support their employees during times of disruption?

Times of extreme disruption, like we are experiencing through the COVID-19 pandemic, means that employees and employers are experiencing higher than normal stress levels which in turn affects mental health. Poor mental health has negative impacts on a number of aspects of a persons’ life including their productivity and quality of work. It’s important to continue checking in with staff with regular and open communication to monitor employee wellbeing and create strategies to monitor, respond to and support wellbeing.

How can businesses support their employees whilst working from home?

Working from home looks different for everybody. Not only ensuring that your staff have adequate resources to carry out their regular tasks, but that there are support systems in place for professional development and mental/emotional support (such as Employee Assistance Programs) will make your staff feel valued.

How should businesses navigate going back to a more ‘normal’ working environment?

The work environment, and the way in which we interact with each other, is unlikely to look like it did pre-Covid. In planning a return to the office, business should accommodate reasonable safety and hygiene practices such as making allowances for distancing, more frequent cleaning schedules and sanitising. Understanding that each individual will have different levels of comfort and concern with returning to the office, and being considerate and taking those circumstances into consideration is really important.

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