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Setting Up eCommerce in China | Program Opportunity & Info Webinar

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Australian Fashion Council


December 9


04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Skills & Education

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Australian Fashion Council

The AFC and Gateway O invite you to an info session on a full service social commerce solution to support brands with entry into China.

The AFC and Gateway O invite you to an info session on a full service social commerce solution to support Australian fashion brands with entry into the Chinese market.

The world is changing rapidly and fashion businesses need to consider alternative revenue channels for continued business and survival. While China continues to provide exciting opportunities and play a leading role in the global fashion industry, the market is proving extremely hard to crack.

Realising the complexity of the Chinese market and that traditional approaches are rarely successful, the AFC and Gateway O have developed an accessible and feasible approach for Australian fashion brands.

Join this info session to find out more about the program set up, how it works and what it includes from running a multibrand store, marketing and organising your logistics.

Taco Ubbink | Gateway O

An experienced fashion and retail expert who has held various management positions for a number of fashion companies, from small to large and from high end to mainstream. Taco has a proven track record in effectively translating a single concept into a shared success and is experienced with bringing companies to China and growing their business.

Gateway O was founded in 2018. Gateway O is offering fashion and design companies a full service ‘social commerce’ solution to market and sell their products in China via the successful app WeChat. The company is a subsidiary of Greenway logistics, one of the initiators of the company. It services cover the entire spectrum of entering the Chinese market; from marketing, to selling, to shipping, to paying.

Greenway Logistics was founded in 2008 in The Netherlands. Greenway logistics is working exclusively for industry associations in the fashion & lifestyle industry and its members worldwide. It services are logistic advice, collective contracts and benchmarks for companies; as well as developing cost saving innovations in logistic processes, CO2 reduction and worldwide trade enabling. Greenway logistics has own offices in a number of countries, and makes use of an extensive partner network which makes it possible to ‘deliver the world to the world’. In cooperation with the International Apparel Federation, Greenway is partner in Gateway O, helping brands into the Chinese market.

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