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AFC Resources | Responsible Industry Toolkit

Introducing the first phase of the Responsible Industry Toolkit, covering the fundamentals of sustainability, ethical sourcing and circularity for product design.

by The AFC

5 July 2021

As part of the AFC’s vision, we are working towards a re-shaped Australian fashion and textile industry that is world-leading in purposeful innovation, mindful creativity and human-centricity.

As such, we are working to enable and empower our members to set responsible practice goals and reinvigorated business models aimed at creating a resilient and thriving sector that prioritises the harmony between people, planet, and profit.  

And as a very first step towards this end, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to the first phase of the AFC’s Responsible Industry Toolkit. These modules have been designed and developed by industry topic experts as an educational and practical resource to assist in navigating the sustainability landscape for businesses at any stage of their journey. 

Launching in phases, the modules have been developed to help our members on their journey towards sustainable and responsible practice. 

Together let’s harness the principles of circular design, a leadership mindset and a systems-thinking approach to level up as an industry, and create new business models that ensure a sustainable and thriving world ready and able to preserve our future generations. 

These modules are available exclusively for AFC Members and can be accessed via the AFC Toolkits. Read more about the modules available below.


Responsible Industry Toolkit: Phase 1

Produced by Valentina Zarew, Newromantic


Sustainability Fundamentals by Valentina Zarew

In this module you will learn about the fundamentals of sustainable design – both social and environmental and how your business can start taking practical steps towards positive transformation. Sustainable design has the power to change the world. Although a bold statement, it stands true.


Ethical Sourcing: Transparency and Traceability by Dr Lisa Heinz

The Australian fashion industry is a creative powerhouse, and by turning its innovative energy toward ethical sourcing, it can genuinely change the world by making a positive impact on the planet and workers throughout the supply chain. In this module you will learn about ethical sourcing and how your business can take steps to ensure your supply chain is safe, fair, sustainable and transparent.


Circularity: Product Design by Dr Clara Vuletich 

The design and product teams are central to a circular fashion system. In circular design, the designer becomes a strategic systems thinker who enables materials to be recirculated and who designs out waste. This module will give you some context of why circular design is so important and how to apply it to your products and processes.


Members can access the modules here

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